Tuesday, September 25, 2007

lubrication anyone?

Catchy title now isn’t it? Well pull your minds from the bowels of the sewer and feast your eyes on the demonic seed of my womb. You would think by now I would know better then to enjoy a few minutes of silence in my house of boys. But alas, I was enjoying the peace and quiet of the moment until the faint giggle of destruction was heard. I bellowed to my two year old but no response, just more giggles. Becoming quickly frightened by what may be evoking this sense of glee in my toddler, I jumped from my chair to find the culprit of naughtiness. As you can see, I found quite a mess. Some how my little monster got a hold of a brand new bottle of lotion. Obviously my walls were “dry” and in need of some moisturizing. And of course, he was more then willing to help out a wall in need! Sadly, it was hard to get mad when he flashed that bewitching grin my way and showed me the gooey mess on his hands. Sigh…. guess that is what I get for not keeping him underfoot. Maybe someday I will learn. But for now I guess I just have to enjoy the rubble he leaves in his wake.


jes said...

I love it! I love that it is your kid in your house and not one of mine :) For I can see little A doing the same thing.

JCR said...

I agree with you...how can you get mad a such a cute little face?