Wednesday, December 27, 2006

surviving the depths of ....

Well another Christmas holiday has passed and I managed to survive with just some minor scrapes and bruises. Thank goodness this season only comes but once a year, any more then that and I might need to be institutionalized. Though the thought of being in a padded room all alone with only myself IS a bit inviting right about now. I was not exhibiting much of the holiday cheer this year, I know baaa humbug! But in the chaotic throes of everyday life, the holidays were veiwed as just another burden to endure. Sad isn't it? But just around the corner is a new page, a clean and empty year waiting to be tainted. Can you feel the optimism oozing out of my pores? yeah, I thought ya could.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

death rides a pale cow

Oh the joys of the stomach flu and a 19 month old. Did you know that when the $h*t hits the fan you cannot determine where it is going fall? The same holds true to the vomit of a small child. This has been one of my highly insightful ponderings the past two days. Poor Grady had the stomach flu and of course it struck in the middle of the night when we were the most unprepared for its wrath. Nothing like stepping on miscellaneous food particles in the dark. OK, sorry for the graphics but someone must relate to my pain. So today I am home procrastinating on doing a paper that is due next week. Aaaaah, there are so many things I would rather do!

PS: Bonus points if you can figure out the title without googling it

Friday, December 08, 2006

a wee bit of light in a very dark tunnel

Yeah! I was able to book tickets to go to Boston/ New Hampshire in January. Granted, I will be towing the two boys, but escaping the Midwest none the less. By the way, three years and counting till the search for a new place to live begins. Some days that seems sooo far away. Can you tell I am ready for a change of scenery?? But on my wondrously happy note I do get to go and spend a long weekend with my friend Ann and her new little guy (aka Yoda). A much better alternative to spending the weekend at home alone with two overly excited young boys. Now I can unleash them on their Uncle Philip... be afraid Philip, be very afraid.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

sad little tree

I have finally gotten around to putting up our Christmas tree. For some reason this year it was a long and painful process basically boiling down to the fact that I am not quite in the "spirit" this year. It also didn't help that when I did try to put up and decorate the tree, little Atilla the Hun, aka Grady, was quickly there to search and destroy. Last night, after putting him to bed, I revisited the ornament box. Due to his intense curiosity I can only hang ornaments above his arms reach. This makes for a sad looking tree. Although... I did find a lot of things in the tree that he obviously wanted to be ornaments including, but not limited to, a golf ball, my keys for work (good thing I found those before I got to work), a sock, a cat toy, a fisher price horse and two Matchbox race cars. Well, he was quite the busy boy this afternoon! He has also discovered that he is still small enough to belly crawl under the tree to hunt down the cats that are trying to find solace there. The real fun begins when he tries to get out ... I can still hear the screams now.....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the world of boys

" nuts!!" Not the food and not the term for anyone slightly crazy, but the boyish term for their beloved boys. This little quote came bellowing out of the back of the car the other day as Grady threw an object at his brother. The projectile object then fell firmly into the lap of Drake. Where do they learn these things? How do I respond? On one hand it WAS very funny just because he is a boy and that is what they say and it was appropriate for the situation. (Like the time he dumped his full bowl of cereal and proclaimed "Oh d@mn it!" at the age of 2) But I also don't want this word exclaimed at school or church .... eeek! What would they think I am teaching him? Unfortunately it was yet another glance into the world of boys. It was also another reminder that my son is growing up and discovering all the "fun" words the English language has to offer. At least it was done in the privacy of my car and not a crowded dressing room..... oooo, now there is an embarrassing story :0