Thursday, November 29, 2007

mental health

Since the hubby decided to take a new job, he was forced to burn his vacation days. He convinced me I needed a mental health day so off to Chicago we went. I love going to Chicago during the Christmas season to walk around, see all the lights and of course, the window displays. I am not a big one for shopping down there but some of the stores are fun to browse through. In full Chicago style the temperature was 25 degrees with 10 - 15 mile an hour winds. Quite nippy to say the least!! It made the warm cup of coffee even more delightful. Despite the cold, which I actually enjoyed, we had a really nice time. We met up with his uncle, who works downtown, for lunch at a quaint corner chop house. We also discovered, or stumbled across, the first and only Kohler store in the world. I am so wanting a new bathroom or kitchen sink now!! We saw the Field's windows on State Street, the super-sized Christmas tree and walked up and down Michigan Avenue. Because it was a weekday we also got shafted for parking. Can you believe they charge $24 to park for two hours?? Geez, I am definitely in the wrong occupation. But we made it in and out of the city with little trouble and little traffic so I guess that makes it a great day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

one happy seven year old

The day is finally here! We have been waiting and waiting for two years now. Drake has gotten more and more impatient with each person who has lost one. But yesterday, in a burst of excitement, he barrelled in the house to show me. Yes, Drake finally has a loose tooth. I, as well as his dentist, were becoming a little concerned at the fact that Drake was not loosing any teeth. He did have two teeth pulled back in April because his adult teeth grew in behind his baby teeth making him look like a shark. This did not cut it in Drake's mind though as loosing a tooth. He wanted a wiggley tooth just like ALL the other kids in his class. I thought he would be one to loose his teeth early since he started sprouting teeth at four months of age and had all his teeth by the time he was one (yes, nursing was lovely during that time!!) But weeks and weeks and then months and months and now years have rolled by without even the slightest of wiggles.... until yesterday. Needless to say it is now his obsession. His hands were in his mouth all night long, a great thing since he is a boy and his hands are nasty and it is cold season!! But I have to cut him some slack since he was beside himself with joy when he got off the bus. I will keep you apprised of the situation and I am sure I will post some pics when the "official" day finally arrives. Keep your fingers crossed that it happens soon!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

who needs furniture?

Why sit on the comfy couch snuggled in a blanket when you can sit on top of your cozy coupe? I have been pondering this thought the past few days as Grady has taken to watching television from the top of his car. This can't be comfortable, at least it does not look comfortable. And don't even get me started on all the possible injuries that could be inflicted should he accidentally slide or make a singular wrong move in any given direction. I have begun to slowly tick off the days till we are frantically rushing to the ER for stitches, or even worse.... a cast. (shudder) Of course, the more I ask him to please get down from the car the more he wants to perch up there. I guess this is a battle I will have to choose not to fight, at least for now. Maybe he will soon realize the comforts that await him if he chooses one of the couches..... or not!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

don't hate me for my shoes

YEAH!! My birthday present from the boys has finally arrived. I have been impatiently waiting since they gave me a picture of them, wrapped in a box, for my birthday. For some reason only known to the evil Gods of the intenet, they were unable to ship them in a adequate amount of time. My guess is the the elves in the factory were striking for higher wages and medical benefits. But now they are here, now they are mine and I love, love, love them!!! I have a weird admiration for fun and funky shoes and these definitely fall into that category. I mean, what is not to love?? Red gingham mary janes stating the obvious .... all that and even some cherries on top! Yes this lassie is definitely pleased with her sons' innate ability to shop for shoes. Ok, maybe they did have a little help from me but I will still give them all the credit.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

a boy of my own heart

Last night I realized, yet again, how much Drake is a mini version of me. There are days that this thought warms my heart and other days that it breaks it into pieces. We were watching the movie “Born Wild” about a boy who befriends a gorilla and becomes intent on setting her free in the wild. It was a great feel-good movie with a very tearful ending. After the movie was over Drake looked up at me and said, “Bet you can tell I really liked that movie by my eyes can’t you Mom?” Tears streamed down his cheeks as he looked up at me with his clear blue eyes. “Yes sweetheart…. I can tell.” He has inherited this trait from me. I cry during movies, EVERY episode of Grey’s Anatomy and even those sappy Hallmark commercials (they do me in every time). I cried when the boys started school, when Drake could not figure out how to ride a bike and when he got his first pair of glasses. I am as sensitive and romantic as they come, and now, so is he. I toy with whether this is a good thing or bad thing for him in this day in age. He is the most empathetic and sensitive person I have ever met. He can sense what others are feeling and is always trying to befriend and include the outcasts and loners on the playground. He has warmed the heart of every teacher he has had. Every year I hear how they will always remember him as “one of their favorites”. I know you are probably thinking… well this is every parents dream! What is wrong with you?? But the reality is, he is a boy. In middle school and high school I fear these traits will not serve him well. I fear he will be bullied, teased and put down. I fear those clear blue eyes will cloud over, his soft and caring heart will harden. Kids these days are mean, meaner then they were when I was in school. Or maybe, now that I am a parent I am more aware. I see how some of the boys in the neighborhood scoff at him because he isn’t as “athletic” as they are. He runs like Phoebe, from Friends, in Central Park, happy and carefree, like there is nothing better in the world at that moment. So far he has not noticed their looks, but I do. It takes everything in me to not shake those looks off their smug little faces. I also fear the day when he first falls in love because that also means his first heartbreak will soon follow. I know he will fall so hard and with such passion it will hurt. I know because he is me. I also know some day he will make a great husband, the best a girl could ask for. But the road to find that love will be long and hard, full of pain and heartbreak, for Drake as well as myself.

Friday, November 23, 2007

more seven year old ramblings

Drake: Mom! I just ate six servings of the seven layered Jello!
Me: Hmmm, how about some of that turkey?
D: Ok. (takes a few bites then sighs) Mom, my tummy hurts. Can I be full now?
M: Do you mean can you be done now?
D: No I mean can I be full now. I don't think I could eat another bite
M: So when dessert come out you won't have any room?
D: No. that is why I need to stop I have room for dessert later.
M: (chuckling) Sure you can be full now.

I cannot deny that he is from my loins...I too always save room for dessert.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

bet you can't say you have done this

A little background to help you further understand the following dialog between my father and myself. My father is the director of development for the Washoe tribe in Nevada. He is one of the few "white men" to work for them and has worked hard to be accepted by the people of the tribe. After a brief discussion, including all the pleasantries and such, we had the following conversation:

Kat: So Dad, how is work going?
Dad: Really well and I have been really busy. Want to know what I did yesterday?
K: Sure
D: Well I went to one of the ranches to check how many of the cows were pregnant.
K: You what?!?
D: I got to check if the cows were pregnant.
K: Really?? And how might I ask did you do that? Or don't I want to know....
D: The doctor and I did it together. I led the cows into the stable and put their heads in a contraption that would hold them still and the doctor did the rest

Side note - I did delve further into the whole process since my curiosity was peaked, but I will not share all the details of testing a cows fertility with you in this forum. Very interesting and definitely not a job on my top ten list.

D: Then I watched as he and one of the cowboys castrated a colt who was too frisky.
K: Too frisky huh? I think I have a lot of boys in my house that are too frisky. I wonder…..
D: (laughing) Now, now. You don’t mean that.

Guess my job just could not match up to that on most given days and on this day of Thanksgiving I am quite happy with that!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A single tear slipped down her cheek, catching a glint of the mid-afternoon sun. Once again she had let her hopes come in the way of life’s harsh realities…. once again she was forgotten. She silently cursed at herself for thinking that this time it would be different. This time was no different then any of the others, though not as bad as some. She had once heard it stated that if you have no hope, no expectations, you could not be disappointed. She had tried living her life that way and was typically pretty successful. Keeping her distance prevented the pain that is often inflicted with contact, emotional and physical. Some had tried, with a bit of accomplishment, to break down those barriers around her. But even they had left her disappointed in the past. She sought solace in her mind’s eye, dreaming of what could, what should have been. Then again, why should today be any different?

Monday, November 19, 2007

yes, i survived

Well, I have survived my weekend of hostessing and entertaining. And quite frankly, I am exhausted. Preparing a meal for ten guests took less work then I thought but trying to plan for various appetites did cause me moments of anxiety. The most difficult part of the weekend was trying to keep the house in some sort of order as the two year old was buzzing around in his typical tornado-like state, leaving a trail of debris in his wake. Thankfully our guests enjoyed his energy and he enjoyed our guests. We had quite the array…. a couple from Britain, a gentleman from Canada and another that has lived in various places such as Afghanistan and Sweden but is currently residing in California. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, especially my “better then sex cake” and fellowship. I am looking forward to my short workweek and of course Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is even better because I am not responsible for cooking in any way shape or form. We are in charge of bringing the beer this year…glorious! I think I can handle that task (what Irish girl couldn’t??) Maybe a full belly and weekend of rest will spark my writing juices or maybe I will delve into my old journals and such to find writings of the past. But for now I am on the hunt for java….

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

if looks could kill

If looks could kill I would be a widow today. I would have the bed to myself every night and would do a lot less laundry. I would stumble over a lot less shoes and dirty socks. But unfortunately my looks do not kill and my husband still lives. This same husband called at 4:30 on his way home to inform me one of his co-workers was going to spend the night. Could I make the house presentable? WHAT?!? Are you crazy?? Thankfully (and luckily) I scoured the house Sunday in preparation for our out of town guests coming Friday. Unluckily, Grady was in full gear and taking out eight toys to every two I put away. I quickly remade the bed with fresh sheets and fluffed all the pillows. He quickly jumped on the bed and threw off all the pillows and the comforter. What happened next was not pretty. My head began to spin and fangs sprouted in my mouth. By the look on his face it was quite a grotesque sight and he quickly scampered, with a little help on the behind, downstairs. I could hear him telling Drake, “Momma scaaarry Dake…. and mad!” At least I got my point across though it did not last very long.

The idea of an overnight visitor would not be so bad if it were not Tuesday night. Tuesday night is boys club and family night at church. We leave the house just before 6 and do not arrive home till almost 9:30. This does not leave much time for cleaning between homework, dinner and corralling the natives. And as I had said, Grady was in a very rambunctious mood.

His pre-school class had started practicing for their annual Christmas program and he was very content in sharing all his new songs. BUT no one else in the house could sing or even offer the correct words to the songs. So away he sang random words to no particular song, at the top of his lungs. This did not bode well with the seven year old who had homework and reading to do. “MOM!! Please make him stop!!!” This just fueled the musical fires of the little one till everyone’s ears were pierced with his challenged singing voice. Husband, who was on a conference call, offered no help except to make faces that the boy child was too loud. Again…if looks could kill.

After running around like a lunatic, frantically cleaning, the guest never arrived. They ended up working at the office until 5:30 am. (Husband went back to the office at 9:00 to finish up and never came home). So all my anxiety and death stares were for not. Guess I will have to save them up for another day…. just hopefully not too soon!

Monday, November 12, 2007

where have i gone wrong?

The scene: I am watching "Transformers" with both boys. (I know, not the most family friendly movie, but they love it) John is working at the kitchen table.

Drake starts screaming, "Look Mommy!! It is just like Daddy's veggie Camaro!!"
Me: His what??
D: His veggie Camaro Mom!
M: What is a veggie Camaro?
D: Like that song you and Daddy listen too.
John (laughing): You mean bitchin' Camaro??
Me: Don't say that!!!
D: Yeah Dad, it's your bitchin Camaro....Bumblebee!!
Me: Nice honey...nice

All the while Grady is screamin "CHEEEW, CHEEEW.... CHEEW!!!!" (imaginary shooting sounds) "Look Momma!! I shoot bad guys like Uptamis! I get all the bag guys...chew, chew chew!!"

Sniff, sniff....yes it is such a proud happy Mom moment.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

this is amazing

My father in law sent this to me and I have to admit I have watched it half a dozen times. I love magic, or at least true magic and optical illusions, and not the stupid crap David Blaine tries to pull. So when I first watched this I was instantly enthralled. Sad, I know, but I had spent all day scrubbing little finger prints off of doors and moldings and scrubbing all my crown molding and trim. After seven years the dirt and grime finally drove me to insanity.....everything had to get cleaned!! Others in the house were not into my "let's scour the house" idea but dutifully complied after some words of encouragement and harsh glares. But I digress. This was meant to be about the video clip not my woes of cleaning. Guess I will have to blog about that later.

Friday, November 09, 2007

belated holiday pictures

Ok, here are some of the pictures from my trip to the Dominican Republic. I feel a bit weird posting them, don't know why, but decided to do it anyway. Plus I have a splitting head ache and don't feel like "officially" blogging. Some may call it being lazy, but for right now it works.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

the letter

Dear Mrs. B,

Good morning! Just a little FYI to let you know that Grady is wearing his father’s socks. He put them on this morning and simply refused to take them off. I am sorry if this causes any conflicts in the classroom today. I did pack a pair of his socks in his backpack if you can convince him out of the ones he has on. I tried with no avail. Good luck! Hope you have a great day!

Mother of the demonic two year old that you care for all day

Yes, I did have to send this letter to school with my son today. I am sure his teacher’s are having quite the laugh at my expense. Just looking at him as he trotted off into class made me roll my eyes. He looked like he was suffering from elephantitis of the ankles. But he was dressed and out of the house (and not screaming his bloody little head off). Stick another bad mommy start on my chart. But sometimes (ok, many times) in the mornings I just don't care. This would be one of those days. Grady was insisting on wearing his father's socks as a pair of thigh highs.
He was quite content with his ensemble and was just as content to wear it to school. I insisted he wore pants, he screamed. I begged him to put on his socks, he screamed some more. I tried to pull off the socks...he held on with both hands for dear life. FINE!! I decided to bargain, he could wear the socks as long as he put pants on over them. The deal was done, a compromise made. Luckily his shoes fit with the oversized socks on, though as stated previously looked quite silly. I am curious to see how his day at school unfolds and what socks he will be wearing when he comes home. I can’t imagine with his fat marshmallow feet that there is much room in his shoes for a grown mans sweat sock. Guess he will have to suffer the natural consequences of his actions. Yeah I know….. who am I kidding!

Monday, November 05, 2007

previous love interest

She is rather beautiful. Her curves are alluring. You can feel her shudder with your touch. And when she purrs it will send shivers down your spine. She is my husband’s first true love, his first car. He did have a thing for the girl at Bible camp (she kissed him behind a tree when he was 10), but that was short lived and just a summer fling, Yes, ironically my husband’s first car was a bitchin’ Camaro. It looked, so he tells me, exactly like the one pictured above. He sent me this picture with a plea, “Can I have her?” Someone is selling this car, similar to his first, but completely redone and in mint condition. His previous girlfriend also comes with a high price tag (don’t they all?). I tried being fair. I am not the jealous type, but to hear him go on and on and on about her…..well it gets quite draining. He swears she won't effect our relationship, that it is just superficial, not like the love we have. I point out that it is not family friendly. “Yeah??” I then point out that the boys will not fit in the back. “Yeah, that is the point.” Hmmm, so I am always stuck driving them around. I see how this will work. I ask if I can purchase something for me for the same price range. He laughs, a little too loud and a little too long. His fate is then sealed.... no ex-love will inhabit our garage and I will not share my man. His pout does not work the magic he wants it too. Sadly, his quest for revisiting his youth is shot down by the current love interest and there is not a guilty bone in my body!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

very crabby....beware

I am reeling from the effects of daylight savings time. Some little monkey thought it was a grand idea to wake up at 4:15am. Now, without daylight savings it would have been 5:15, still an ugly time to get up on a lazy Sunday. But when the word "MOMMY!" began to be bellowed at 4:15, I was instantly a very crabby girl. I guess I should also be honest and say that part of the pain of that early wake up call was also my fault. I had been to a surprise birthday party last night and was thoroughly enjoying the kegs of Spotted Cow. I guess I can also blame the yahoo that brought the beer bong from his college days for amping up the "level" of the party. Many of my neighbors have hidden bong talents that I was never aware of...maybe that was a good thing. No worries though, I am not a bong type of girl! But I did justify staying out later then normal with the prospect of gaining an hour of sleep. I obviously did not share that memo with my two year old. But the early wake up was greeted with the smells of freshly brewed coffee in my new coffee maker, an early birthday present to me. While that took the initial edge off of my needed attitude adjustment, I am still looking forward to a nice afternoon nap. Especially since I have a late soccer game tonight...don't even get me started about that!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

aaaarrr, me matey!

Talk about priorities! I downloaded the pictures of the kids in their costumes but have yet to download our trip pictures. Oh well, the kids are cuter anyway! This was the first year the boys actually wore their costumes more then once. We had two parties this weekend plus trick-or-treating last night.
The boys had fun hanging out with their cousins, bobbing for apples and decorating pumpkins at their party on Sunday. I was impressed that both boys actually bobbed for apples and were successful. Grady thought it was hilarious to dip his face in the water, his older brother was not as enthralled with the idea.

Last night, Drake and two of his buddies invaded our neighborhood in search of the heaviest bag of candy. They took off sprinting at exactly 6pm, leaving my husband in the dust trying to get his adult beverage in it’s cozy. Grady opted out of the festivities after going to three houses with me. He preferred to pass out candy to all the local ghouls and goblins. It was more like an assault to anyone who was brave enough to come to our front door but that is just a technicality.

He would sit and pound on the door while the children walked in the street and yell at them. "Hey!!! Hey kids I have treats! Come here!" He of course got “oooos and aaaahhs” from the high school girls and even some of the high school boys who asked him for high fives. He was in heaven and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention. It was my first time passing out candy as I usually go with Drake and I enjoyed seeing all the little kids costumes. Got a few ideas for next year but I have to get them passed the board of boys.