Thursday, November 08, 2007

the letter

Dear Mrs. B,

Good morning! Just a little FYI to let you know that Grady is wearing his father’s socks. He put them on this morning and simply refused to take them off. I am sorry if this causes any conflicts in the classroom today. I did pack a pair of his socks in his backpack if you can convince him out of the ones he has on. I tried with no avail. Good luck! Hope you have a great day!

Mother of the demonic two year old that you care for all day

Yes, I did have to send this letter to school with my son today. I am sure his teacher’s are having quite the laugh at my expense. Just looking at him as he trotted off into class made me roll my eyes. He looked like he was suffering from elephantitis of the ankles. But he was dressed and out of the house (and not screaming his bloody little head off). Stick another bad mommy start on my chart. But sometimes (ok, many times) in the mornings I just don't care. This would be one of those days. Grady was insisting on wearing his father's socks as a pair of thigh highs.
He was quite content with his ensemble and was just as content to wear it to school. I insisted he wore pants, he screamed. I begged him to put on his socks, he screamed some more. I tried to pull off the socks...he held on with both hands for dear life. FINE!! I decided to bargain, he could wear the socks as long as he put pants on over them. The deal was done, a compromise made. Luckily his shoes fit with the oversized socks on, though as stated previously looked quite silly. I am curious to see how his day at school unfolds and what socks he will be wearing when he comes home. I can’t imagine with his fat marshmallow feet that there is much room in his shoes for a grown mans sweat sock. Guess he will have to suffer the natural consequences of his actions. Yeah I know….. who am I kidding!


The Grocer said...

So cool, could start a whole new fashion trend for the under fives. Look forward to seeing it cross the Atlantic.

jes said...

Totally love this. Good for you getting pants on. Can't wait to hear how long he kept them on once at school.

JCR said...

He is so cute!