Sunday, November 25, 2007

don't hate me for my shoes

YEAH!! My birthday present from the boys has finally arrived. I have been impatiently waiting since they gave me a picture of them, wrapped in a box, for my birthday. For some reason only known to the evil Gods of the intenet, they were unable to ship them in a adequate amount of time. My guess is the the elves in the factory were striking for higher wages and medical benefits. But now they are here, now they are mine and I love, love, love them!!! I have a weird admiration for fun and funky shoes and these definitely fall into that category. I mean, what is not to love?? Red gingham mary janes stating the obvious .... all that and even some cherries on top! Yes this lassie is definitely pleased with her sons' innate ability to shop for shoes. Ok, maybe they did have a little help from me but I will still give them all the credit.


jes said...

These are sooo you! Can't wait to see them on you. Good job boys!

Kristin said...

My god these are awesome and quite daring. If i see them on the street I will know it is you.

Foxy said...

Thay looks so beautiful