Monday, November 05, 2007

previous love interest

She is rather beautiful. Her curves are alluring. You can feel her shudder with your touch. And when she purrs it will send shivers down your spine. She is my husband’s first true love, his first car. He did have a thing for the girl at Bible camp (she kissed him behind a tree when he was 10), but that was short lived and just a summer fling, Yes, ironically my husband’s first car was a bitchin’ Camaro. It looked, so he tells me, exactly like the one pictured above. He sent me this picture with a plea, “Can I have her?” Someone is selling this car, similar to his first, but completely redone and in mint condition. His previous girlfriend also comes with a high price tag (don’t they all?). I tried being fair. I am not the jealous type, but to hear him go on and on and on about her…..well it gets quite draining. He swears she won't effect our relationship, that it is just superficial, not like the love we have. I point out that it is not family friendly. “Yeah??” I then point out that the boys will not fit in the back. “Yeah, that is the point.” Hmmm, so I am always stuck driving them around. I see how this will work. I ask if I can purchase something for me for the same price range. He laughs, a little too loud and a little too long. His fate is then sealed.... no ex-love will inhabit our garage and I will not share my man. His pout does not work the magic he wants it too. Sadly, his quest for revisiting his youth is shot down by the current love interest and there is not a guilty bone in my body!

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jes said...

I say unless he can find one that comes with car seats that it is a no go! Good for you and your determination for not sharing.