Monday, November 12, 2007

where have i gone wrong?

The scene: I am watching "Transformers" with both boys. (I know, not the most family friendly movie, but they love it) John is working at the kitchen table.

Drake starts screaming, "Look Mommy!! It is just like Daddy's veggie Camaro!!"
Me: His what??
D: His veggie Camaro Mom!
M: What is a veggie Camaro?
D: Like that song you and Daddy listen too.
John (laughing): You mean bitchin' Camaro??
Me: Don't say that!!!
D: Yeah Dad, it's your bitchin Camaro....Bumblebee!!
Me: Nice honey...nice

All the while Grady is screamin "CHEEEW, CHEEEW.... CHEEW!!!!" (imaginary shooting sounds) "Look Momma!! I shoot bad guys like Uptamis! I get all the bag guys...chew, chew chew!!"

Sniff, sniff....yes it is such a proud happy Mom moment.

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