Thursday, November 01, 2007

aaaarrr, me matey!

Talk about priorities! I downloaded the pictures of the kids in their costumes but have yet to download our trip pictures. Oh well, the kids are cuter anyway! This was the first year the boys actually wore their costumes more then once. We had two parties this weekend plus trick-or-treating last night.
The boys had fun hanging out with their cousins, bobbing for apples and decorating pumpkins at their party on Sunday. I was impressed that both boys actually bobbed for apples and were successful. Grady thought it was hilarious to dip his face in the water, his older brother was not as enthralled with the idea.

Last night, Drake and two of his buddies invaded our neighborhood in search of the heaviest bag of candy. They took off sprinting at exactly 6pm, leaving my husband in the dust trying to get his adult beverage in it’s cozy. Grady opted out of the festivities after going to three houses with me. He preferred to pass out candy to all the local ghouls and goblins. It was more like an assault to anyone who was brave enough to come to our front door but that is just a technicality.

He would sit and pound on the door while the children walked in the street and yell at them. "Hey!!! Hey kids I have treats! Come here!" He of course got “oooos and aaaahhs” from the high school girls and even some of the high school boys who asked him for high fives. He was in heaven and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention. It was my first time passing out candy as I usually go with Drake and I enjoyed seeing all the little kids costumes. Got a few ideas for next year but I have to get them passed the board of boys.


CrankMama said...

What great costumes! Sounds like a fantastic Halloween.

JCR said...

The pictures of the boys are so cute! Sounds like a fun night.

Kristin said...

oh my god these are the cutest boys ever.