Thursday, July 31, 2008

the random quirkiness that is moi!

The lovely Ann and Kaza tagged me for six random/ quirky things that make me, moi! Hmmmmm. Six thing, six things... let's see.

1. I have a bit of an obsession with ink. I have been under the needle six times and am already planning my next. If I could I would do it tomorrow I would. For some reason hubby says it is his turn next.... blah blah blah. He told me that three tattoos ago. I get tired of waiting and just go without him. Though I will also admit I love tattoos on men... groowwwl!

2. I am Erica Hahn on Grey's Anatomy. This quote sums me up more then words can say, "I don't... make friends easily. I'm awkward and am bad at small talk and generally don't like people I don't know..." Yeah, typically the neighborhood Barbies and I don't play nice. Sucks to be them!

3. I am painfully shy until you know me. Please see #2 for confirmation if you don't believe me.

4. I have slight OCD tendencies. My closet is organized by shirt sleeve length, color, patterns, etc. DON"T put a shirt where it does not belong. I cringe when I look at hubby's half assed closet of messy spew. I have learned to look away... just look away.

5. I love, love, luv my feet. They are very wide but have the cutest little toes! My love was strengthened when I gave birth to marshmallow boy. He has little corn nibblet toes, that thought don't fit in any affordable shoe made by mankind. They are short, fat and adorable!

6. I am surrounded by penises boys... they are everywhere!! I have a brother, 6 all male cousins, my husband, who also has 2 brothers, and together we have 2 boys. When I was pregnant with my oldest, so were 3 of the wives of his cousins. The four of us had 5 boys within 4 months! I have two cats that are male and had a male dog. I had to even our the field when we adopted our new dog Sophie. Finally some estrogen in this house!!!

Hope those are random and quirky enough. Don't want to divulge too much information! I am supposed to tag six more people but always dislike doing that because someones feelings always get hurt and then I am all Erica Hahn again.... it is just a wicked, wicked cycle. Feel free to join in and let me know when you do! here is all the legalese:

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Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
Let your tagger know when your blog entry is up.

Go forth, meme and have fun!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

(not so) wordless wednesday - the 80's divas return

As I had previously mentioned one of my fellow soccer divas, Pam, hosted an 80's prom party for our GNO!

Our favorite girl Mel came too! She shattered both her knee caps in our first outdoor game of the season. Nothing but love for her!

Krista was Prom Queen for real back in the day. Gotta love a girl that can juggle the ball in a sea of lace, while drinking a beer!

BTW, I wore the white dress and seriously rocked the 4 inch 80's bangs. Grady told me I looked bootiful!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lazily spewing

I have been trying to motivate myself to blog for days now. I was supposed to post pictures from my 80's prom party. Yeah, that hasn't happened. I was about to and then thought, "Gaaww, all I do is post pictures lately. I am such a lazy arse!" I then walked away from the computer. I tried to write a post about the recent struggles I am having but got half way through one extra large brain barf and decided that people probably don't want to know all that and if they did they would probably run and hide. (whoa run-on sentence there - yikes!) Truth be told, this is the time of year that I struggle with who I am and what I want myself to be. Working in the schools I am off in the summer - cool right? Mmmmm, not so much. I love the first few weeks of freedom, no schedules, no 5 am wake up calls..... life is good. But then July blows by and I am faced with August looming. Where has my sumer gone? I had plans, big plans. Now I have to try and cram in all that goodness in a few short weeks!

This is also about the time that my boys get on every last nerve. They fight and bicker over EVERYTHING!!! It is also the same time of year that hubby gets very busy because it is a lot of the companies he does work for 'end of fiscal year'. So he gets inundated with work and hides in his office for 12-14 hour stretches, leaving me alone with our little hellions. Did I mention we are going broke because of my wine consumption? No?? Huh. Maybe I should keep that to myself!

The summer also makes me realize I would make a shitty SAHM. And those women that homeschool!? WOW! I so worship them. I could not do it. I wish I was able to stay home some days and some days are really, really good. Other days, well other days I want to run from the house screaming and leave the three boys to fend for themselves. My boys like structure. They thrive on it. I get that because that is how I operate as well. The combination of me + summer = no structure. I try, honestly most days I try but unstructure usually get the best of me. By August I find myself spinning my wheels and going nowhere because really, where do I need to be?

On a more upbeat note, I am participating in the Tweighloss Challenge and am a proud member of TwitFit. My goal is to loose the baby weight that has lingered (for three years!) and the extra weight I put on this past winter. I am also dragging the new dog we adopted down with me. She is supposed to weigh 13-15 pounds and weighs 23.5 the little fatty! (said with love folks, said with love) So to help me stay focused I bought myself a new bikini yesterday that I will be wearing when I go to Cancun in October. I think I am going to duct tape it to the fridge as a reminder. Guess it can't be summer in this house without a little duct tape!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

photo hunt 120 - hanging

For this weeks hunt I chose a picture from back in the day. I was quite the chubby lassie. My parents would always tease that they could never find shirts to cover my big buddha belly, so it would always hang out. Now, if it only looked this cute today when it happens..... sigh.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

food foddie facts

Kaza's place was hosting a little meme about the first five things someone would need to know about you, or should I say me, when it comes to food and drink. I am a simple girl with what I consider simple tastes. What are the five most important facts about me when it comes to food and drink in my kitchen? Hmmmmm, let's see.

First - I am a HUGE fan of red wine. It makes the world a better place and soothes my soul after a long day. I tend to be a Chianti or Merlot fan and have a favorite glass that hubby tried to take just to torment me.

My number two would have to be cheese to go with all that wine! I like to try new cheeses but after a really long and hard day I go straight to the Dubliner. Mmmm, yummy.

My third fabulous food fact is my obsession with doughnuts and brownies. I CANNOT pass up a doughnut or brownie to save my life. When they are out at work I am like a hawk on an injured mouse - I swoop in for the kill. I have no will power; zero, zilch, none. Now cake, I can walk right by and not think twice. But put a frosted brownie on the counter and it will be gone before you can blink a pretty eye. I can guar-un-tee!!

Fourth - I am not a seasoner. I do not add salt or pepper to my food - ever! Rarely to french fries but it is very, very rare. Hubby on the other hand has stock in Morton and salts thing before even tasting them. We are so opposite that way.

My fifth I am somewhat sad to admit. I had all these good intentions to make sure my kids ate so healthy all the time. Yeah, after the oldest one and a half that theory got thrown in the shitter. I really try but most days I am in no mood to battle over food, every, single. meal. I do have a pantry stocked with healthy snacks which they forage on an hourly basis. My hope is that someday they will be more adventurous with new foods but for now I am focused on survival. I feel like such a bad Mom admitting that...guess another Bad Mommy Star is in order!

So there you have it, some of my food foodiness facts. Be sure to check out some of the other participants like Jen and catnip and Adriane.

What are some of yours? Feel free to tag yourself and play along. I won't mandate people participate but would love it if you would!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

help a lassie out

Ok, here is the skinny. I am going to a bad prom/ bridesmaid dress party tomorrow night to celebrate my friend and teammate Pam's new found freedom/ divorce. Of course I got invited to this after I cleaned out my closets of all my horrific 80's fabulous dresses this spring. So today, while I was childless, I went to the local thrift store to search for a gown to die for. Wouldn't you know it - I found two! Now I can't decide which to wear so I am coming to you, oh internet, for help.

Choice 1
A beautiful slut red deep red halter top mermaid dress. Fitted on top and wings out way more then any dress should at the bottom. The form fittingness definitely shows off the fact that I have a pot belly and may require duct tape to keep that baby under control.

A closer look at the top.

Choice 2
A white princess dress with back and silver sparkle glitter circles all over it. It is big and poofy but would either require a lot of padding to fill in the top ( I am a member of the IBTC) or pinning in the bag to make sure it doesn't end up around my waist after a few cocktails.

Oooooo, glitter!

So there you have it. I would love your input as to which would make a better bad prom/ bridesmaid dress. Just for the record - no heels will be worn to the party. I can sport the flip flops with both dresses - sweet!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wordless wednesday - i think we got a dog

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

photo hunt answer

While many of you were on the right track The Grocer was spot on. He was correct with the make a model but a wee bit off on the size. Obviously he has misjudged this lassie and thought her to have small feet. maybe I will take it as a kind gesture and compliment. But in all truth I walk on boats. I am proud to sport a 91/2 US, 7 1/2 UK or 41 EUR. Since you now know my shoe, feel free to send any and all that may fit these boats my way!

Thanks for hunting!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

photo hunt 119 - what is that??

Those of you that know me at all we be able to easily guess. Otherwise the answer is HERE!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

friday four

I had every intention of doing an amazing post today but of course, never got around to it. I have several ideas rolling around in the caverns of my brain but none have seemed to come to full fruition. So I thought I would just throw out the snipits of the posts I am pondering, mash them all together and serve it up for your consumption. Sorry if it leaves a bad aftertaste or leads to a bad bout of indigestion. I tend to lack in the cooking department.

1. Crabs - No, I don't have them... well actually I do, but as pets. No not on me personally but in a cage. Well, I killed one. Not intentionally you see.... it just.... happened. They (the crabs) were out playing in the sand table and when I ran in to make the boys dinner. When I peeked out the kitchen window to check on them I noticed that one had been abducted. Obvioulsy the guilty party of either a hawk, seagull or other miscilaneous bird, decided it was hungry and was going to feast on some succulent crab legs. Yes, I earned yet another Bad Mommy Star for my trophy case. Go. Me.

2. I really wanted to participate in Mommy Always Wins Friday Flashback about the cars of our past. I was even going to take this opportunity to admit that I have a car problem. Some may call me a car hussy or auto whore but I seriously can't sustain a relationship with a car past three years. After three years the love is gone and I need a new fix. In the 17 years I have been driving I have had 8 different cars. That is a lot of rubber tire rotations!

3. Then there was the discussion today with Grady's pre-school teacher about what a good student he is, how he is always well behaved and that he was such a good helper today. Uh, seriously? I think you have the wrong kid. My kid, aka Spawn of Satan, spits food and runs around chanting "Nudie Boy!! Nudie Boy!! Nudie Boy!!" He screams, cries and whines with such passion he puts the most ill behaved children to shame. Hmmm, maybe my kid just dislikes me and enjoys making me cry and rock in the corner by the end of the day. I think that makes my second Bad Mommy Star of the day. Excellent!

4. I also really wanted to present at BlogHerNot 08 but just couldn't get my act together in time. So I have been taking some of the amazing course offered (in my jammies while consuming ice cream and cheetos) and even stopped by Izzy's for some other distractions and non-BlogHer going fun. All this knowledge is making me dizzy. It could also be the wine consumption but who am I to point fingers!

So there you have it - my non-post (and a definite glimpse into the reasons I was not asked to speak at BlogHer). On a good note, by attending BlogHerNot 08 you could get the chance to sleep with George Clooney or, if you are extra lucky, David Duchovny. Guess I had better shower!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

bloghernot 08

Since, as I have stated in earlier post, I am NOT going to BlogHer, I decided to join in on Mommy Pie's non-party and conference. Oh yeah, it IS the place to be my friends. She asked all of us to send photos of what we were doing right now, to prepare for the non-conference tomorrow. This is what I am doing:
and oh does it taste glorious! Add some Kung Fu Panda Cheez-Its and we are golden! I will throw in a quick 'I just got back from the pool so I am lookin' rough and sportin' the headband' line. See my previous post for the clean and showered real me. Did I mention that Mrs Fussypants made me the pricess of BittHer 08? Yes, that is right. As of today I am official royalty. No need to bow, but please be sure to compliment the tiara. So I will be sure to check in with Mommy Pie tomorrow for all the speakers and classes. And to top it off, George Clooney is the keynote! Could BittHer/BlogHernot get any better?? No, I think not!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

wordless wednesday - the picture i can't delete from my camera card

This picture was taken a year ago and I can't delete it from my camera's memory card. Every time I see that remnant of a tear, I just can't do it.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the voicemail you never want to get

This post comes from the loving heart of my hubby. He is feeling emotionally challenged today and is looking for a, shall we say, creative outlook? A new voice. His very first blog post.

**The following was on our voicemail this evening. Names have been changed to protect the crazy.***

"Mr. Smith. This is Sgt So-and-so, from the Crazyville police department. It is imperative that you call me immediately regarding your mother. Please call me as soon as you receive this message."

Fast forward to the actual phone conversation between Hubby and Sgt. So-and-so:

Hubby: Hi Sgt. So-and-so, this is Mr. Smith. I was returning the call concerning my mother.
Sgt: Thanks for calling back Mr. Smith. I have some concerns about your mother. She came to the police department today stating that there are clicking and popping noises in her house and she is sleeping wrapped in heavy duty aluminium foil to keep the RF (radio frequency) beams from penetrating her while she sleeps.
Hubby: Did she happen to mention the shiny screws in her car that transmit these frequencies?
Sgt: We will be sure inquire about that during the State's visit tomorrow.

Fast forward to conversation with Hubby's brother after lengthy conversation with Sgt. So-and-so.

Hubby: Bro, just got a call from the cops. Mom is nuts!
Bro: Naaah, that's perfectly normal for a 60+ year old woman, living by herself and afraid for her safety to sleep in tin foil.

Suddenly I walk in to find Hubby banging the phone against his desk screaming, "They're both nuts!! This can't be my life!"
Me: Dude... are you adopted?

Monday, July 14, 2008

one sad little lassie

Well, I am sure you have heard all the buzz. Everyone is talking about it. It also seems, at least to those NOT going, that everyone is going. I am talking about BlogHer, which is this weekend in glorious San Fran. Did I mention that I am not going... insert extremely large sigh and a super sized pouty face. I, like many others, have to play the money card or shall I say lack there of. Before you start feeling all sorry for me and joining in on my ginormous pitty party, please know that I had a choice. I had to choose between BlogHer and here. As if there was a second thought... well maybe for just one minute second, but really... which would you choose? Hubby has his mandatory annual meeting in Cancun this year. Yes, I said mandatory. My mandatory meeting is on hard benches in a school cafeteria. Gaaww, I really need to get into corporate America. Actually not because he is always WAY too stressed and not pleasant but I digress. Since his meeting is around our anniversary I am choosing to go with him. Here is how it all went down.

Him: Sweet! My annual meeting is in Cancun this year.
Me: Oh, I am SO going with you!!!!!
Him: But I will be in meetings all day
Me: ... and?
Him: You will be by your self all day
Me: AND??
Him: I have mandatory dinners too some nights.
Me: Excellent! Hello?!? No kids, beach all day, beverages all night... dude I am SO in heaven.
Him: Won't you miss me?
Me: Well we'll sleep in the same bed at night right??

So reservations were made and we extended our trip so we would have some time together to lounge and sight see. By making this choice I had to forgo going to BlogHer. At the time it seemed like such a simple decision but now that it is getting cloer and everyone is all giddy talking about it, I am feeling sad and left out. (insert extremely large sigh and a super sized pouty face again).

So for now I am living vicariously through all of you going and I really want to hear all about it. So be kind and share you awesome time with those of us stuck at home wearing our party dresses and drinking wine on our couches!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

photohunt 118: support

My daily support to get through the day. Without it. I would be lost...and crabby!!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

friday flashback - punk rock girls revisited

Now, if you have followed me for a while you know I am a fan of The Dead Milkmen. I have posted about them here, and here, oh and here too. Punk Rock Girl is especially a favorite. Grady loves to move and shake it to that song and I of course indulged him and play it extra loud!! Hubby and I often fight disagree on the bestest song eva. He brings up some good ones; Big Lizard (which I had the t-shirt of BTW), Bitchin' Camaro, Surfin' Cow, but in my mind there is only one. This song has passed the test of time and has remained in my heart and brain for, I am sad to say, decades. Nothing screams "I love the 80's" like this song. And now, for your viewing and listening enjoyment I give you this.

Now go rock your mohawks and black leather and join in on the Friday Flashback fun. This week's theme is music. So pull out the vinyl or cassette tapes and pick your favorite or two. Be sure to add yourself below and of course, leave some comment lovin'!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

things-don't-suck-as-much-as-i-thought thursday - third edition

Peace, quiet and brotherly love. It's a good thing. It is also a few and far between thing. As a Mom and a big sister, I get that, I really do. I just can't stand it most days. The nonstop bickering and fighting over every small minute detail of every frickin' thing!!! Whoops... this is supposed to be things I am thankful for. What was it again?? Oh yeah, peace and brotherly love. Yes, yes, now there is a good thing. It's those times I just sit back and smile. I remember why I stepped into the crazy ring of parenting. For these ever so tiny glimpses at brotherly bonding. Now if I could just burn this image into my retinas, life would be almost perfect!

Be sure to check out all the love floating around the blog-o-shpere today. In fact, join in! You'll be happy you did!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

wordless wednesday - glad to be home...

... and have things back to normal??

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

hey you! .... oh, and you too

Dear asshat in seat 4A,

While I am sure that you were just as annoyed as the rest of the flight that we were two hours late taking off, I did not find your comments, nasty looks and attitude necessary. I am well aware that both of my sons are hyper-verbal and suffer from logorrhea. Yes, I live with that fact every day. I am also aware that while they talk, a lot, they can at times get on you nerves. Most days they pummel the crap out of my last nerve till it is almost unrecognizable. You did however crossed the line enlightened me when you turned around and recommended I give them Benedryl to help quiet them down. Yet you scoffed when I told you I already had. Never doubt a desperate mother! If I was not completely exhausted and spent you would have gotten a piece of my mind, but sadly, I had none left to give. I didn’t even have the energy to flip you off appropriately and for that I am sorry. Oh and the ass you kept dropping – SO not cool.

Since I am calling people out, "Hey foreign lady in 6!" No one appreciates a loud talker. NO. ONE. Especially when it is 10 PM and my loud talking angelic children are trying to sleep. I don’t want to hear the graphic details about the surgery for your ingrown toe. I also do want to be privy to all the words you challenge when playing Scrabble with your friends. If you don’t think ‘align’, which you pronounced Ay- lig-n, is a word and challenge the word ‘friend’ because you say ‘fren’, well then you are stupider then you look. And voicing it for the whole plane to hear makes you a moronic imbecile.

And I won't even start about the passenger who left his barn door wide open with his horse in full view. Yeah, after a long day of travel, I definitely did not need to see that!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

photohunt 117: pointed

Drake finally convinced me to get his hair cut. I like it longer, he wanted a buzz cut. We compromised with a short and spikey do. The beautician asked him if he wanted red gel. He gave me the pleading eyes, I said yes. So here is the top view of his new pointed hair style, red and all!

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Friday, July 04, 2008

happy fourth of july

Another lazy vacation post I am sorry to say. Here are the boys before we headed off to a Fourth of July picnic. Of course, Grady was in rare form. I mean, come on - where else would you put your flag??

Thursday, July 03, 2008

things-don't-suck-as-much-as-i-thought thursday: part duex

I am feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know other bloggers that I read have been feeling the same. There is so much going on right now that I would LUV to blog about, or should I say dump on the internet world, but I am questioning the open forum of it all. Yes, I choose to blog incognito versus my using my real identity, but I am also unsure about the secrecy within the family.... there may have been a leak! So, with extended family problems, I have to claim the fifth. Boy do I hate claiming the fifth. It also prevents you from some great MIL stories - Beth you feel me there! Yeah, there is nothing like one of my good MIL stories to make you thankful you are not me!

Today I am also thankful for distance. I think that sums it up right there.

On a 'not sucky' note, the boys are having a blast. We went to an amazing beach in Lake Tahoe yesterday. The views (and the water temps!) were breathtaking.
The crazy locals would jump off the rock formations, while visitors like me plopped my big white Midwestern butt in the sand.

The boys spent the day like this -

And of course, here are a few of my favorite moments .

Yeah, I guess things don't suck as much as I thought.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

wordless wednesday - almost but not really

Splashing in Lake Tahoe with Grandma

Off on a boyish adventure.

Throwing rocks - is there anything better?

Drake at Emerald Bay

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

what makes the flight from hell worth it

Papa shows the boys his view every morning. Isn't it gorgeous!

Guess the travel day from hell was worth it. Look at the smiles on these boys, Papa included!