Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the voicemail you never want to get

This post comes from the loving heart of my hubby. He is feeling emotionally challenged today and is looking for a, shall we say, creative outlook? A new voice. His very first blog post.

**The following was on our voicemail this evening. Names have been changed to protect the crazy.***

"Mr. Smith. This is Sgt So-and-so, from the Crazyville police department. It is imperative that you call me immediately regarding your mother. Please call me as soon as you receive this message."

Fast forward to the actual phone conversation between Hubby and Sgt. So-and-so:

Hubby: Hi Sgt. So-and-so, this is Mr. Smith. I was returning the call concerning my mother.
Sgt: Thanks for calling back Mr. Smith. I have some concerns about your mother. She came to the police department today stating that there are clicking and popping noises in her house and she is sleeping wrapped in heavy duty aluminium foil to keep the RF (radio frequency) beams from penetrating her while she sleeps.
Hubby: Did she happen to mention the shiny screws in her car that transmit these frequencies?
Sgt: We will be sure inquire about that during the State's visit tomorrow.

Fast forward to conversation with Hubby's brother after lengthy conversation with Sgt. So-and-so.

Hubby: Bro, just got a call from the cops. Mom is nuts!
Bro: Naaah, that's perfectly normal for a 60+ year old woman, living by herself and afraid for her safety to sleep in tin foil.

Suddenly I walk in to find Hubby banging the phone against his desk screaming, "They're both nuts!! This can't be my life!"
Me: Dude... are you adopted?


crunchycarpets said...

that beats my Gran in law convinced everyone is trying to poison her...fer sure!!

Blondefabulous said...

All my mom does is promise my kids stuff and never follows through. I'll take yours thanks!

Jes said...

It would be funny if it were not real. I feel for Hubby.

Diane said...

Isn't it insane how crazy your family can be?

cautious1 said...

Yikes - this sounds eerily familiar. I think she may have been the one walking around neighborhoods in the "bubble" about 15 years ago warning us about the government having cameras in our closets.....

The Mom said...

I would laugh if it weren't real, and maybe because that might be me one day, if i'm lucky to make it to 60+.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is fab!!

Putz said...

i sleep in tin fiol every night, there are aliens out there to get you, just one mistake, that's all they are looking for

Brittany said...

Ok, I want to type that is funny....but I can't decide if it's funny haah, or funny sad.

Poor hubby!

Gayle said...

I shared it with my 15 year old. Told him that very easily could be me someday. He laughed, I didn't. You told you story in a light-hearted way...that's a good thing. Humor is good in every situation. Even death. I know.