Thursday, July 31, 2008

the random quirkiness that is moi!

The lovely Ann and Kaza tagged me for six random/ quirky things that make me, moi! Hmmmmm. Six thing, six things... let's see.

1. I have a bit of an obsession with ink. I have been under the needle six times and am already planning my next. If I could I would do it tomorrow I would. For some reason hubby says it is his turn next.... blah blah blah. He told me that three tattoos ago. I get tired of waiting and just go without him. Though I will also admit I love tattoos on men... groowwwl!

2. I am Erica Hahn on Grey's Anatomy. This quote sums me up more then words can say, "I don't... make friends easily. I'm awkward and am bad at small talk and generally don't like people I don't know..." Yeah, typically the neighborhood Barbies and I don't play nice. Sucks to be them!

3. I am painfully shy until you know me. Please see #2 for confirmation if you don't believe me.

4. I have slight OCD tendencies. My closet is organized by shirt sleeve length, color, patterns, etc. DON"T put a shirt where it does not belong. I cringe when I look at hubby's half assed closet of messy spew. I have learned to look away... just look away.

5. I love, love, luv my feet. They are very wide but have the cutest little toes! My love was strengthened when I gave birth to marshmallow boy. He has little corn nibblet toes, that thought don't fit in any affordable shoe made by mankind. They are short, fat and adorable!

6. I am surrounded by penises boys... they are everywhere!! I have a brother, 6 all male cousins, my husband, who also has 2 brothers, and together we have 2 boys. When I was pregnant with my oldest, so were 3 of the wives of his cousins. The four of us had 5 boys within 4 months! I have two cats that are male and had a male dog. I had to even our the field when we adopted our new dog Sophie. Finally some estrogen in this house!!!

Hope those are random and quirky enough. Don't want to divulge too much information! I am supposed to tag six more people but always dislike doing that because someones feelings always get hurt and then I am all Erica Hahn again.... it is just a wicked, wicked cycle. Feel free to join in and let me know when you do! here is all the legalese:

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Go forth, meme and have fun!


Putz said...

i can't believe you are shy, but i guess persoanalities on blogs are different than in real life, i never said more than two words to a person until i started blogginh

ali said...

Great list! I put up mine today too:)

The Mom said...

I have two tats and got them both on my annual girl's weekend. Our next is coming up in September!! I'd love if my hubs would get one, but he has a J scar on his face from 4 wheeler accident, I guess i'll take THAT! ;)

Diane said...

OK, needed some cheering up, so here are my 6 random things. Enjoy!

Oh, and I can't believe you are so shy!

cautious1 said...

A little OCD??????? You? I would never have guessed :)

I'm glad that you stepped out of your shy mode and talked to me. I think that you're a great person and I'm glad that I can call you my friend! :)

Skip said...

As one of the all male cousins (who’s dad was also from an all boy family)... we always said ‘Mom made no mistakes” , (just to tick off every girl in the room... we did that type of thing)... she had two girls : the boat “Jan’s Girl” and Snowball...but got rid of both (too much trouble maybe? .. Snowball did shed a lot).

Maybe you should go visit the cousin in Baltimore... he’s got two girls now.. which is why he’s the favorite kid right now.

And shy? I saw a picture of you in leather on the web just a few days ago...

Stirring up trouble after all these years....

Kaza said...

I'm so glad you did it! I agree totally on the small talk thing. I just hate it. I have a hard time making friends too, probably b/c I suck at the small talk. I gravitate toward those who will skip all of that b-s and move ahead to the real stuff. And the closet thing? I totally get that.