Sunday, July 20, 2008

photo hunt answer

While many of you were on the right track The Grocer was spot on. He was correct with the make a model but a wee bit off on the size. Obviously he has misjudged this lassie and thought her to have small feet. maybe I will take it as a kind gesture and compliment. But in all truth I walk on boats. I am proud to sport a 91/2 US, 7 1/2 UK or 41 EUR. Since you now know my shoe, feel free to send any and all that may fit these boats my way!

Thanks for hunting!!


The Grocer said...

Be careful what you ask for, I live near the beach and footwear is often washed ashore :)

Putz said...

did you know when my dad died 13 weeks ago, i didn't get the house, irriagtion stock, land, but she the evil stepmother called and wanted to know if i wanted my dad's old UNDERWARE......she said some he had worn 3 years and was in pretty good shape although he used to have runny sometimes, but had been cleaned quite thooughly...i wear a 36, my dad is a 32...the GAL OF THAT WOMAN

Ann said...

And if you don't like what you get send them my way... I wear the same size boats as you do!

Diane said...

My one girlfriend wears a size 11, which makes it so hard for her to find shoes.

Colleen said...

I'm right there with ya - I wear a 10!

Baker Watson said...

I would tell you what size I wear but you would probably think I'm bragging, lol.

Sorry I missed commenting on your theme until now.I remember seeing it and thought I had left a comment, but perhaps something distracted me at the time.

Actually my daughter and I use to swap sneakers and athletic shoes, lol. It was a big joke with us. I think I still wear some of her old ones at times since she hardly ever wore them out before moving on to a new pair. Of course I stayed away from the girly ones. Gotta maintain my image you know.