Friday, July 18, 2008

friday four

I had every intention of doing an amazing post today but of course, never got around to it. I have several ideas rolling around in the caverns of my brain but none have seemed to come to full fruition. So I thought I would just throw out the snipits of the posts I am pondering, mash them all together and serve it up for your consumption. Sorry if it leaves a bad aftertaste or leads to a bad bout of indigestion. I tend to lack in the cooking department.

1. Crabs - No, I don't have them... well actually I do, but as pets. No not on me personally but in a cage. Well, I killed one. Not intentionally you see.... it just.... happened. They (the crabs) were out playing in the sand table and when I ran in to make the boys dinner. When I peeked out the kitchen window to check on them I noticed that one had been abducted. Obvioulsy the guilty party of either a hawk, seagull or other miscilaneous bird, decided it was hungry and was going to feast on some succulent crab legs. Yes, I earned yet another Bad Mommy Star for my trophy case. Go. Me.

2. I really wanted to participate in Mommy Always Wins Friday Flashback about the cars of our past. I was even going to take this opportunity to admit that I have a car problem. Some may call me a car hussy or auto whore but I seriously can't sustain a relationship with a car past three years. After three years the love is gone and I need a new fix. In the 17 years I have been driving I have had 8 different cars. That is a lot of rubber tire rotations!

3. Then there was the discussion today with Grady's pre-school teacher about what a good student he is, how he is always well behaved and that he was such a good helper today. Uh, seriously? I think you have the wrong kid. My kid, aka Spawn of Satan, spits food and runs around chanting "Nudie Boy!! Nudie Boy!! Nudie Boy!!" He screams, cries and whines with such passion he puts the most ill behaved children to shame. Hmmm, maybe my kid just dislikes me and enjoys making me cry and rock in the corner by the end of the day. I think that makes my second Bad Mommy Star of the day. Excellent!

4. I also really wanted to present at BlogHerNot 08 but just couldn't get my act together in time. So I have been taking some of the amazing course offered (in my jammies while consuming ice cream and cheetos) and even stopped by Izzy's for some other distractions and non-BlogHer going fun. All this knowledge is making me dizzy. It could also be the wine consumption but who am I to point fingers!

So there you have it - my non-post (and a definite glimpse into the reasons I was not asked to speak at BlogHer). On a good note, by attending BlogHerNot 08 you could get the chance to sleep with George Clooney or, if you are extra lucky, David Duchovny. Guess I had better shower!


MommyTime said...

I can so relate to those daycare reports. Either (a) my daycare is lying to me ("really, your Son loves beans") or (b) he is a different child there. I'm inclined to think (b) since there is peer pressure that we don't have at home... but it is sure weird, isn't it, to feel like you're getting reports about pod child when you pick up?

mommypie said...

Really don't mean to be laughing at your expense, but between the crabs and Nudie Boy THIS is funny.

Thanks so much for hangin' out at BlogHerNot -- I had such an awesome time, I'm totally planning on holding MORE events like this weekend's. Which means, you'll have another chance to be Instructor!

Diane said...

This is one hell of a non-post. I am right there with you, I swear. My daughter's daycare will actually use her to help the babies transition into the older kid rooms because she is so good with the babies (She's 2, remember), but at home she is a crazy terror who bites and pinches her little brother. Crazy.

Ann said...

"maybe my kid just dislikes me and enjoys making me cry and rock in the corner by the end of the day".
Oh-so-true words from a real parent!
I'm right there with ya'!

keiki3 said...

maybe your kid loves you so much he is comfortable being his true with you! :)