Wednesday, July 02, 2008

wordless wednesday - almost but not really

Splashing in Lake Tahoe with Grandma

Off on a boyish adventure.

Throwing rocks - is there anything better?

Drake at Emerald Bay


Diane said...

Haha. I totally understand. My Wordless Wednesday should have been called "Because I'm too tired to write a real post"

Those pictures are totally great. Looks like you guys are having a great time!

cautious1 said...

Awesome pics! Looks like fun is being had by all!

Jes said...

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is Vader not in the picture? How is that working out by the way? Great photos, and looks like so far the trip is a good one.

Putz said...

i almost once took a job in city government at lake tahoo

ali said...

What is it with boys and throwing rocks:) Great pictures!

IRISHKAT said...

Yes it is true, Vader has been on house arrest. Grady can only wear him at Gma and Papa's in the air conditioning.

We are having fun and posting pictures is about all I have the brain for about now :)

Ann said...

Really sweet pictures!
You really captured wonderful moments.