Friday, July 25, 2008

food foddie facts

Kaza's place was hosting a little meme about the first five things someone would need to know about you, or should I say me, when it comes to food and drink. I am a simple girl with what I consider simple tastes. What are the five most important facts about me when it comes to food and drink in my kitchen? Hmmmmm, let's see.

First - I am a HUGE fan of red wine. It makes the world a better place and soothes my soul after a long day. I tend to be a Chianti or Merlot fan and have a favorite glass that hubby tried to take just to torment me.

My number two would have to be cheese to go with all that wine! I like to try new cheeses but after a really long and hard day I go straight to the Dubliner. Mmmm, yummy.

My third fabulous food fact is my obsession with doughnuts and brownies. I CANNOT pass up a doughnut or brownie to save my life. When they are out at work I am like a hawk on an injured mouse - I swoop in for the kill. I have no will power; zero, zilch, none. Now cake, I can walk right by and not think twice. But put a frosted brownie on the counter and it will be gone before you can blink a pretty eye. I can guar-un-tee!!

Fourth - I am not a seasoner. I do not add salt or pepper to my food - ever! Rarely to french fries but it is very, very rare. Hubby on the other hand has stock in Morton and salts thing before even tasting them. We are so opposite that way.

My fifth I am somewhat sad to admit. I had all these good intentions to make sure my kids ate so healthy all the time. Yeah, after the oldest one and a half that theory got thrown in the shitter. I really try but most days I am in no mood to battle over food, every, single. meal. I do have a pantry stocked with healthy snacks which they forage on an hourly basis. My hope is that someday they will be more adventurous with new foods but for now I am focused on survival. I feel like such a bad Mom admitting that...guess another Bad Mommy Star is in order!

So there you have it, some of my food foodiness facts. Be sure to check out some of the other participants like Jen and catnip and Adriane.

What are some of yours? Feel free to tag yourself and play along. I won't mandate people participate but would love it if you would!


Diane said...

Red wine, yes. Cheese, yes. Kids get healthy food for lunch at daycare, not at home, yes. I'm totally with you.

Putz said...

red wine is NOT GOOD FOR must stay away from bars, wineries, are irish REREMEMBER?

Don Mills Diva said...


Red wine, red wine and red wine.

Sometimes white wine.

But mostly red wine.

ali said...

I hear you on the doughnuts! Nothing frou frou, just plain glazed, yum.

The Mom said...

How could I have forgotten cheese!

I will eat brownies and wine with you any day!

catnip said...

Mmmm. Cheese and brownies. You're my kinda girl :)

Katelin said...

i love white wine and could seriously have cheese at every meal :)

Skip said...

Of course you'd eat all the brownies.. everyone in the family would eat a whole tray of them. It could be why my mom (your aunt Jan) will not make them anymore (because my dad would each a whole batch in a day)

BusyDad said...

I am the same. Any donut in open air? Consider it ravaged. It's not a pretty sight. I'm a wine dunce, but I enjoy the active ingredient in it. Too much. And honestly, I. Eat. Anything. Not even two weeks in China could break that. In fact, I came back with more confidence than ever about that statement.

Kaza said...

I'm so glad you did this one! It wasn't intended to be a meme but it's been cool to see it turn into one. You. Don't Season???? What??? You must have the most sensitive palate ever. I'm with your husband on the salting behavior. But I'm with you on wine (though white for me), cheese, brownies, and the whole bad mommy thing. (The latter not on purpose of course, but what can we do?)

I tagged you for another one today, if you feel like doing it. (And if you've done it before, link to the post in my comments.)