Monday, July 14, 2008

one sad little lassie

Well, I am sure you have heard all the buzz. Everyone is talking about it. It also seems, at least to those NOT going, that everyone is going. I am talking about BlogHer, which is this weekend in glorious San Fran. Did I mention that I am not going... insert extremely large sigh and a super sized pouty face. I, like many others, have to play the money card or shall I say lack there of. Before you start feeling all sorry for me and joining in on my ginormous pitty party, please know that I had a choice. I had to choose between BlogHer and here. As if there was a second thought... well maybe for just one minute second, but really... which would you choose? Hubby has his mandatory annual meeting in Cancun this year. Yes, I said mandatory. My mandatory meeting is on hard benches in a school cafeteria. Gaaww, I really need to get into corporate America. Actually not because he is always WAY too stressed and not pleasant but I digress. Since his meeting is around our anniversary I am choosing to go with him. Here is how it all went down.

Him: Sweet! My annual meeting is in Cancun this year.
Me: Oh, I am SO going with you!!!!!
Him: But I will be in meetings all day
Me: ... and?
Him: You will be by your self all day
Me: AND??
Him: I have mandatory dinners too some nights.
Me: Excellent! Hello?!? No kids, beach all day, beverages all night... dude I am SO in heaven.
Him: Won't you miss me?
Me: Well we'll sleep in the same bed at night right??

So reservations were made and we extended our trip so we would have some time together to lounge and sight see. By making this choice I had to forgo going to BlogHer. At the time it seemed like such a simple decision but now that it is getting cloer and everyone is all giddy talking about it, I am feeling sad and left out. (insert extremely large sigh and a super sized pouty face again).

So for now I am living vicariously through all of you going and I really want to hear all about it. So be kind and share you awesome time with those of us stuck at home wearing our party dresses and drinking wine on our couches!


Putz said...

i'm a very straiaght boy, i also missed blogger 2008 with jim...don't laugh...i am straight...well with $5 per gallon gas i ain't goin nowhere that is wy i went to tahoo with yoiu whooo, without that darth vader shirt vicariously of course...and cancoon, you have got to be kidding, your husband must be an idiot if he thought maybe you should stay home....right i will stay home and miss the island trip, like nnnoooo

cautious1 said...

Ummmmm, I'm REALLY not feeling a whole lot of pity for a girl that will be heading to Cancun for some R & R!!!!!! Have a BLAST! When r u going??

Jes said...

Another trip to a sunny destination?! I too am jealuos. In fact I am so jealous that I might just go to BlogHer to make it even :)

Diane said...

My husband had a mandatory company "vacation" in Cancun this year and I got to stay home with two babies while he enjoyed the sun and sand. At this very moment, we are on a stay at home vacation and he is at a mandatory team building party at his bosses house that he told me about YESTERDAY. Oh, yes, I would much rather be going to BlogHer, too!!!!