Friday, July 06, 2007

the proof is in the picture

OK, I promised a visual for my marshmallow boy and here they are. Notice in exhibit A the large round shape of the feet. These feet are as wide as the are long and as they are tall. They are in fact, marshmallows. Now to exhibit B. While the true legs of this toddler have a bit more girth, the length, width and height of the feet are even. They do in fact, resemble the previous mentioned picture. Throw in little stubby and curly toes and you have the feet that I have to try and find shoes for. A little note to JCR who said she loves crocs for her fat footed boy: I too like the crocs. But my little one discovered how easy they were to take on and off (bonus to most, not to me) and chucked one of his new crocs out the window while I was driving. It has never been seen again. Though today to the store he did wear his croc with another sandal. A battle I chose not to fight. The old ladies found it adorable.. me not so much. I was also lucky enough to notice that he threw his croc out the window while I was loading up the car and got it from the parking lot before we left. Grrrrr!!!

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