Wednesday, July 04, 2007

pool side checklist

1. Swim trunks - check 2. Surf Shirt - check (don't want a sunburn!) 3. Sunglasses - check (gotta look cool for the ladies) 4. Tennis ball - check (fun to throw AND catch) 5. Ping pong paddle aka bug killer - check (always make sure the deck is bug free plus it can send previous mentioned article really far) 6. Bike helmet - check (have you seen my Mom drive?) Well, I think that is everything. Let's motor! I have waves to catch, bugs to squish and hearts to break. Donde la playa?


jes said...

For I minute I had to figure out which of your young men this was. I love the outfit and totally understand about the bike helmet.

JCR said...

What a cutie!