Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a tubby for timmy

Today Timmy got a much needed bath. Who is Timmy you ask? Timmy is my Cabbage Patch doll from days of yore. I purchased him one year with my birthday money because my parents refused to buy me one. I showed them! I think his original name was Michael Joseph. Drake happened upon him five years ago while on a visit to my parent’s house. A new baby had just started going to the same sitter that he went to named, of course, Timmy. Drake LOVED the baby and thought my doll looked just like Timmy the real baby. So Timmy, the doll, became a permanent fixture in Drake’s life, much to my husband’s dismay. I on the other hand thought it was cute. Well, Timmy has been re-found by Grady. Grady is a little more on the tough love side then Drake was, so Timmy got quite dirty. Today, after been assaulted with diaper rash cream and scented lotion, I decided Timmy needed a bath. Grady helped by scrubbing Timmy with a toothbrush. I tried to get Grady to let Timmy dry in the sun but he insisted on taking a wet Timmy wrapped in a towel to bed with him for his nap. Great!! Now he will be moldy and nasty. Guess he will need another bath soon!

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