Saturday, July 28, 2007

supersonic hearing

Question of the day - why is it my two year old cannot hear his name (or should I say chooses not to hear his name) when I am within two feet of him but can hear the "pffft" of a whip cream can from three rooms away? He once even heard it from upstairs, now that is a super power! I like to top my coffee with a bit of whip cream and caramel as a little treat to myself, a bit of morning sanity shall we say? Grady can hear the whip cream can from any room in the house and quickly comes running with his mouth wide open screaming, "aaahh aaahhh". Translated this means, squirt some whip cream in my mouth...NOW! If I don't spray him before my coffee he becomes most upset and the intensity of the "aahhs" greatly increases. And of course, not to be out done, Drake is quickly in suit to get his share. Today I locked myself in the laundry room to top my coffee as my supply is running low and I don't know when I can get to the store next. Luckily no one heard me as I even resorted to putting the dryer on for added noise. Wow, typing that makes me sound like an addict not wanting to share my stash. Be that as it may I have enough whip topping for my morning coffee tomorrow. Now, where will I hide tomorrow???

1 comment:

jes said...

perhaps a flush of the potty while you get your fix :)