Monday, July 23, 2007

first shiner

Well, it's official! Drake got his first shiner on his left eye, or at least it is in the making. While playing catch last night with Gabby he got nailed in the face with a softball from only 6 feet away. The ball was thrown so hard that there were even leather skid marks on his glasses lens (which was knocked out and I had to search the grass for). The encounter also left his frames broken so we will be getting new glasses today. By a fluke of nature we also have an eye doctor appointment this morning. They called at 4pm Friday afternoon saying they had a cancellation for today. Otherwise we could not get in until the end of October. Crazy! Drake has decided he wants "red ones"...hmmm, makes me think of Phil Donahue. Hopefully I have the power to veto!

1 comment:

jes said...

Not sure the red ones are his color. Or as Bridget would say,"doesn't go with your voice."