Monday, July 30, 2007

yet another bad mommy star..

Yeah JCR! I finally figured out how to post the video of Drake singing Nelly's "Hot in Here" from four years ago. I am so proud of myself. As I had blogged earlier, this video always makes me smile, though does not earn me a Mommy star because of what he is singing. None the less, it is a smile maker. And of course while in the car today 50 cent's "Disco Inferno" came on my ipod. Little Grady started singing away "Shake, shake it girl! Shake, shake it baby!" Aaahh, yes I have yet again earned another notorious bad mommy star. Sniff, sniff.....I am so proud!

PS: Sorry about the poor quality of the video. Guess it is one of the side effects of me trying to be techie.

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