Wednesday, August 01, 2007

soccer woes

Now I typically don't blog about soccer, at least not that much. But after my last two games I feel compelled to vent. It has come to my attention that some people forget the rules of soccer or that soccer is a contact sport. When I play soccer I am not super sweet Sally baking you cookies and offering up lemonade. I am there to play the game and play hard. Milwaukee soccer has turned into complaining and whining soccer and it is driving me MAD!!! This actually happened at my game Sunday. Two girls were going for the ball and both got a foot on it but our team won the possession. The other girl started complaining to the ref that he should have called a foul and our player should have apologized for bumping her. WHAT!?! Are you freakin' insane? You don't apologize for taking possession, that is the purpose of the game. Then, last night I played the most verbally annoying and complaining team ever. They complained about everything...they wanted us to get a yellow card for screaming "I got it!!!" to a high sailing goal kick. When I told the girl she was crazy she said "No, it's a rule". I will be researching that because I have never heard that rule before in my life. Then an opponent and I were both going up to head a ball, me being taller, won. She then proceeded to fake fall and yell at me that I injured her kidney. Last I checked my kidney is in my lower back region (and i was a pre-med major) and not in my head. Though if hers was there, it explains all her pissing and moaning about any little contact I made with her. I finally switched sides of the field because I was about ready to deck her just to get her to stop talking. The guy I switched with was not happy because she was then verbally assaulting him. Sorry Nik! If the team we played last night wasn't throttling us I would have allowed for a little bit of back talk but when you are up by 5 points, shut your hole and play the game. Ok, I am feeling better. I am really not a ranting maniac.... at least most of the time.

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JCR said...

I don't know anything about soccer, but good for you for venting! That's what blogs are for. It always makes me feel better. :)