Thursday, August 09, 2007

diaper ban

I have decided I am banning Pampers diapers from my house. I don't know what marketing guru thought it was such a great idea to put the different Sesame characters on each of the diapers. Do they not have 2 year olds?? Grady can tell the difference between the characters and is picky about "who" he wears. I just spent the last 20 minutes convincing him that it was OK to wear Ernie. All the while he is screaming at the top of his lungs, "NO Ernie!!!! NOO Ernie!!" What is wrong with Ernie? He is actually one of my favorites. And I won't even get started about what happens if he sees Big Bird coming at him... that is just plain ugly. And his diaper of choice you query?? Why Elmo of course and sometimes cookie monster, but only if I sing the "C is for Cookie" song. I have been seriously contemplating the whole potty training thing, due to the constant diaper battles and the fact that he takes his off any chance he gets. But I don't think he is ready. Granted when I say that the underlying theme is I am not ready. I have in my mind that he will take forever to train and don't feel like investing the rest of my summer trying to show him how great the potty is. Though he has gone on the potty three times in the past two days, excluding the cat incident, but that is just because he was copying Drake and John. Guess it is a start though.... just not ready to grab that bull by the horns just quite yet.

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JCR said...

I had a similar issue when Pampers pull-ups went from Diego to Spider-Man!