Monday, August 13, 2007

no more miss nice mommy

OK, after this morning all bets are off. I am done trying to be the "good PC mommy". Tonight I am whipping out the duct tape. Now, if you have been keeping up with my mad blogging you will remember that Grady likes to take off his diaper. Last week he tried to tinkle on the cat. After a lot of online research I found many parents share this dilemma and have resorted to duct taping the diapers on at night to prevent their little ones from taking them off. At first I thought...YES!!...then when I was about to try it I felt bad and chickened out. I have been using a tighter pair of zippered jean shorts that he can't wiggle out of. Well those were in the wash last night so my husband put him to bed in elastic band jammie pants. (side note: I was not home, due to a soccer game, to put him to bed or this incident would not have happened) So this morning I hear him calling and walk into a puddle on his floor. He was smart enough to aim outside the crib so I didn't have more laundry to do but did leave me quite the mess to clean on the floor. The thing that irks me the most is how proud he is of himself for the previously mentioned incident. "Look Momma...I pee!!" Said with the biggest smile imaginable. Roaaarrrr! I tell him he was naughty and he needs to keep his diaper on. "But Momma, I pee!" With this I give up. Obviously he thinks his body's inner workings are brand new. Sad, sad how disillusioned he is. So tonight he will be duct taped...unless I wimp out again.

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JCR said...

A friend of mine does that, too!