Wednesday, August 22, 2007

it's a girl!!!!!

I would like to welcome and present the newest member of the family klan - Melanie! Finally some estrogen around has been LONG over due. She is, as you can see, a beautiful addition to our family and I wish her and my brother all the love and happiness that wedded bliss can bring. I will save the sad truths and realities for another time. They did just get married, don't want to scare her away already! Though she is stronger then I initially expected. Melanie has heard the horror stories of the obnoxiously large and over baked babies we produce and she still married my brother. God bless her and cute little frame!! guess maybe one of those over baked babies is somewhere in the future, but hopefully not too far. Can you imagine the gorgeous chitlins they are going to produce?? Bring on the babies!

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JCR said...

That was a clever post. :)