Thursday, August 02, 2007

strawberry bandit

As I peruse the fridge for something sweet to munch on I find a new carton of fresh strawberries. Oooooo, that will hit the spot. In fact, I will slice them and add them to the top of a scoop of ice cream! Hey, it's 90+ degrees; a girl needs her ice cream. When I open the carton I notice that all the strawberries have bites taken out of them. Hmmmm...... who could have done this? We must have a strawberry bandit in the house because I can't fathom why any of my beloved children would do this. Oh wait, what am I thinking?!? Of course my two year old would. Silly, silly girl. When confronted I got "the smile" and "I eat stawberry Momma". I asked him why he put them back in the container after taking only one bite out of them and he gleefully replied, "I eat stawberry Momma!" Well, guess that solves my ever-pressing mystery. Now bring on that ice cream!

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