Sunday, August 19, 2007

friday night casino lights

After a traditional visit to Irish fest on Friday night my husband thought it would be fun to surprise me with our next stop before meeting friends for drinks. I was taken aback when he pulled into the local, and only, casino. I had not been since college and even then it was only to play midnight bingo. They had remodeled and expanded since I had been there and are in the process of expanding again. I am not a gambler by any means and find no joy in slots or tables but thought I would give it a try. We walked in to one of the scariest places on earth, at least what I could see through the intense clouds of smoke. It was Friday, which means payday, so people were pushing to get at he slot machines. A vast majority of these people looked as if they should not be putting any of their money into these machines, but who am I to judge? Between the smell of months of stale smoke, body order and whatever the restaurant was serving, I was quickly sent into sensory overload. We found an empty nickel slot and played our ten dollars. I think we lasted a whole ten minutes before we blew through it. We did win some back but of course, quickly clicked it away. I can guarantee I will never be back but at least now I can say I tried!

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