Friday, August 24, 2007

foiled again!

Alright, I am now officially out of ideas. I went to check in on my little angel of a two year old last night only to find him in his chubby little birthday suit!! This is even after I duct taped his diaper on and put tight pajama pants on. I think I either have a Houdini in the making or a nudist colony president. Any ideas? In my weak attempt I did only put the tape on so it cover 3/4 of the diaper. I guess I can try and wrap it around a few times like some of the people of the web mentioned they did, but that sounds a bit extreme and mean. I can't imagine coming at him with huge scissors every morning to try and pry it off but I guess desperate times are calling for desperate measures. I am open to any other thoughts or ideas you may know or have heard of. Luckily he has not done any Houdini magic at the sitters this week. We shall have to wait and see what pre-school in a few weeks has in store. The thoughts are already haunting me!!!

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