Wednesday, August 29, 2007

slightly shocking

Now, I am not one to brag ad nauseum about their children or boast about every feat they accomplish but I have to say the news I received last night was exciting and slightly shocking. But my excitement is overriding my good moral judgment and I have to share - Drake got picked to be the quarterback of his tackle football team. Now to many parents this is probably a normal occurrence and not that big of deal. To others, they use it as a way to redefine themselves by living through their children. For me, well, I guess I am still trying to grasp the concept.

If you know or have ever met my seven year old you will know exactly where I am coming from. He is motorically challenged. He is the brain not the brawn. His gross motor skills are lacking and sometimes painful to watch. And I am totally fine with that and love him for everything that he is. He also is blind as a bat and has no depth perception (thus the ever changing cool specs!) But last year his Dad told him he could play tackle football, without consulting me I might add. WHAT?! Are you crazy? Have you seen our son in sports?? Ironically he was pretty good for a 6 year old. He caused 4 fumbles and sacked the quarterback of the other teams three times during his season. We were all shocked…he was totally stoked. As long as he didn’t have to catch a ball he was fine. Guess it is pretty easy to see large moving targets in front of you J

So that brings us to this fall. Drake loves Brett Farve and has been practicing throwing the ball most of the summer. How his little arm can throw so hard, with a darn good spiral, I haven’t a clue. The past two weeks at practice the boys have been trying out for positions. I was trying to prep him that he may not get the position he wanted. He was OK with that and said he also wanted to be a lineman. Well, last night they got their assignments and he gets to QB. The smile on his face brought tears to my eyes, and his too. I am glad he is so happy and has accomplished something he really wanted. I am also perfectly happy knowing he will probably never be a Brett Farve. But if he is, I will still love him all the same!

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jes said...

So my daughter might just marry the quarterback? Does that mean she needs to begin cheerleading?