Thursday, August 23, 2007

belly boys

As the days of summer are quickly dwindling, so are the days of bare bellies. Don't worry, I am talking about the boys, not mine. Drake has a tummy I would die for and Grady has the tummy I have. Sadly, it is not as cute on me as it is on him. His big round belly pops out of most shirts so I have get him 3T instead of 2T. Plus he loves showing off his belly button to anyone who will look. This is another thing I will not do, especially since mine has been badly misshapen by my two pregnacies. Now Drake..... if I could get him to wear a shirt it is a good day. But, if I had that stomach I too would not be wearing shirts. I bet John would love that! School is right around the corner and so are the warm wears of fall and winter. So for these last few days I will enjoy my belly boys!

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