Sunday, August 12, 2007

workin' at the car wash

As I was trying to wash my car, a "helper" quickly appeared. While this worked for a short time while I was soaping and rinsing the car, it quickly took a turn for the worse. Grady got stuck in the "soaping up" cycle. As soon as I would rinse and dry my car, he was back with a sudsy sponge washing all the clean and dry areas. I did not want to wash my car three hundred times so I finally decided to provide him with his own car to wash.

This was quite the hit. He had a blast spraying, scrubbing and drying his own coupe plus it was pretty nasty and was in desperate of a good bath! It even provided us enough time to pack up all of our camping gear and our two tents that were airing out in the garage from our camping trip last weekend. I will have to store this tid bit of information for a later time when I can't think of anything to occupy him while I try and get stuff done outside. now, if I can just get him to pull weeds we would be golden!

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jes said...

I too love having the kids wash stuff. As you know by my tree cleaner post, Abby loves it too.