Sunday, August 26, 2007

stinky boy

As we were about to leave for church this morning, the unfortunately oh so familiar smell of Grady's diaper wafted past my nose. I quickly scooped him up and told him he was stinky and needed his diaper changed. He tried to insist he was not stinky but his smell preceded him. I tried telling him that the other children would not want to play with a stinky boy. And his response still cracks me up.
K - Grady, I need to change your diaper
G - No diaper Momma
K - Yes diaper. No one wants to play with a boy who is sooo stinky. You don't want to be the stinky boy do you?
G - I wanna be stinky boy Momma! No friends!

With this I burst into hysterical laughter and changed his diaper because he found himself just as funny. Again, just another reason I oh so love my boys!

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jes said...

Friends are over rated:) or perhaps he knew if someone played with him while stinky they are a true friend.