Tuesday, August 21, 2007

neurotic issues

Well I am back at school and feeling very overwhelmed. Now most of it is probably my fault, as I have a strict "no school in summer" rule but I don't think teachers should be in their rooms all summer. Hey, it is my rule and I am sticking by it!! Anyway, the past two days have been filled with unpacking, cleaning and of course...organizing. As I was looking around my room and making my list of labels to put on all the doors I began to feel a bit self conscious about my extreme OCD tendencies. (No comments from you Beth!!) Now this does not carry over into all aspects of my life, at least not anymore, as anyone who has "just stopped by" can attest to. But there are certain areas that I still hold rigid, one place being my office at work. After adjusting and repositioning my bulletin boards a zillion times they are all finally perfect. I even added some Women's Cup posters, not very therapyish but again, it works for me. (and John won't let me hang them at home) Now I just have to wait for my labels to be laminated and I will almost be ready to officially start working....at least organizationally!

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jes said...

You OCD? Were you ever in my classroom? I love my label maker! I have even brought it out at home.