Tuesday, August 28, 2007

why men aren't moms

In an attempt to ease the pain of shopping with a toddler, my husband offered to stay home while I went to the grocery store. Now, while this sounds great, he also required a bit of prodding as I was going after I dropped the older one off at football at 6:30. This is much to close to the two year olds bedtime and during the prime witching hour. We both agreed it was too risky to attempt and the thought of the possible ugliness within the store won. So, with that being said, my husband was then in charge of putting the two year old to bed. The same two year old that will not keep his diaper on and must be wrapped and wrapped in duct tape. I was no more then three steps in the door when the previously mentioned husband stopped me and warned me I was going to be mad. THAT, is a loaded statement with endless possibilities. He then informed me he did not have the heart to put duct tape in our son's diaper. He said Grady was screaming "No tape!!" and "Sorry Daddy!" while stroking my husband's cheek (this is how Grady would say he was sorry before he could talk thanks to my friend Jen) My husband also insisted that Grady promised "at least ten times" that he would not take his diaper off. Only a man would believe the promises of a two year old.... sigh. So when I went to check on him, lo and behold, he was sans diaper. He also burst into tears as I picked him up along with a diaper and duct tape. I, as a mother, obviously have no heart. He did eventually fall asleep and the diaper stayed on!! Sadly, I have a soccer game tonight, which means Daddy is in charge of putting the kids to bed again. Hopefully he is not jaded twice.


JCR said...

Oh yes, can TOTALLY relate.

My husband will leave the kids alone in a room (with either Tulip on the floor or unbuckled in her swing). Then when I yell & freak out, he'll say, "It's OK, I told Tato to be careful."

jes said...

Funny, mine is the one who gives the girls dessert after I have told them "no" since they didn't eat enough dinner. I am mad and he replies "why should I be the bad guy?" Why?!?!?! Perhaps because I am the bad guy all day long!