Friday, August 10, 2007

set your timers

Feeling pressured by my friend Jes who decided to clean her house yesterday, and the fact that I have a babysitter coming tonight, I too opted to scrub down my house. It has gotten pretty nasty with the long days of summer, kids in and out of the house, and well...just plain laziness on my end. And since it is summer, it is my sole responsibility to clean and care for the house since I am off for summer break. I have been disputing this role for years but my husband refuses to step up to the plate in the summer months, even if I let the house go. So I snapped on my rubber gloves and started scrubbing. Ewww is the first word that comes to mind. I even scrubbed the doors throughout the house. Now the fun begins!! How long with the cleanliness last? This is another reason I shy away from always cleaning. My tornado like two year old brings things out faster then I can put them away and my seven year old's meal end up more on the floor then in his mouth. (maybe this is why he is always sooo hungry??) But today it was me that made the first mess. While opening a new container of Nesquick, I was ripping the protective foil wrapper away when....yes that is right...dry chocolate milk mix flew all over the counter and newly washed floor. CURSES!!! Why oh why?! Grrrrrrr, and it was my own fault, no one to blame but me. Hmmmm, well the timer said exactly 4 minutes and 52 seconds. A new record for this house. Maybe next time I decide to clean we will make the five minute mark!


jes said...

I say just pour some milk on the floor and give each boy a straw next time :)

Again this is the reason why we stop cleaning in the first place.

JCR said...

I tell people who come over that my house is only clean after 9 p.m. and before 8 a.m. Otherwise, what is the point?? I'm jealous you could keep it clean for a whole 4 minutes.