Saturday, September 01, 2007

road trip!

I am blogging off for the long weekend. We are taking a road trip to St. Louis for my brother's wedding reception. Should be lots of fun, as long as the kids cooperate. All of us in one hotel room could be very bad. Last time we did that Grady would not sleep in his pack and play and had to fall asleep on one of our chests. Not fun. Hopefully he will be exhausted by the days activities that he will just crash. Ok, who am I kidding?! Guess I had a bit to much crack in the pipe today. He is going to be soo amped and off schedule....I can see it all now, and it is going to be bad. A two year old on their second or third wind is very hard to bring down. I will be sure to catch all those glorious moments on my camera so you can all laugh at my expense on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend!!

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