Thursday, September 27, 2007

my date with a short guy

Since I am once again single momming it this week I got to spend a quiet evening at home with my two year old. His older brother was at football practice so it was just he and I for two glorious hours. Yes, I did just right that, and yes, I do know it sounds shocking to most. We started our evening with some fine cuisine; Grady chose to eat cereal, yogurt and applesauce while I dined on Life. He then decided it would be great to pretend we were in a marching band. You can see the effort that went into to his selection of grand marshal attire. He was kind enough to share one of the maracas with me as he insisted I shake it and follow him as he circled our downstairs. (be sure to take note of the residual duct tape accent from the previous nights diaper) We made beautiful music together. On a side note, I apologize to all the neighbors that had to endure our noise since most of our windows and front door were open! He then proceeded to woo me on the dance floor with John Travolta like dance moves. I am also hoping the neighbors were not peeking in my windows during that portion of the evening. Especially since Grady is only three feet tall and the only person they would be able to see dancing was me! We finished our evening with a rousing game of Pop-up Pirate, highly recommended since most two year olds would prefer to lose and pop up the pirate. Then we read some books and he was off to bed. If only every night was that enjoyable!


JCR said...

Awww, that sounds like fun! :) Great dinner. I was single-mommin' it too, and I ate Pirate's Booty. So healthy.

jes said...

Who knew without Drake you had such a wonderful boy? I'm gald the night went well. It sounds just like my time with Abby while Bridget is at school. Actually soft of fun :)