Monday, September 17, 2007

what?! are you serious?

Why, as a grown adult, must I still endure the pain and agony of school pictures? Yes, I am fully aware I work in a school, but I did not see this stated anywhere in my contract as a necessary requirement. I don't even have a classroom!! By the way, the picture to the left is a preview of my "school" picture taken today. Don't I look smashing? It does not help matters that I forgot today was picture day. Who puts picture day on a Monday when you have all weekend to forget? Throw in the fact that I am inherently non-photogenic and this picture will be on my ID card the next year...bad just bad I tell you.

On a much happier note, the cool breezes of fall are upon us which means.... time for flannel sheets!! I know, it is the little things that bring me so much pleasure. It was divine to crawl into their softness last night. And even better, I get to enjoy them alone this week because John is in California! Now, if I could only get my toddler to sleep past 6am, now that would be truly glorious!


Kristin said...

School Photos on Monday - No one is going to fess up to that one.

Our comforters our out and our house is a whopping 61F in the mornings. Still holding out before we turn on the furnace. Maybe in mid-october.

jes said...

I was so excited to have my first hot chocolate of the season last week. YUMMY!!!