Friday, September 07, 2007

sticky situation

What do you get when you combine a brand new bottle of aerosol hairspray with an inquisitive and fast-footed two-year-old boy? Stickiness and LOTs of it. All I can say is this boy moves fast. I had him in my sights while trying to distribute the never-ending piles of clean laundry, (and I will admit I was talking on the phone), when I heard intense giggles and saw the cats running for their lives. In quick pursuit was my two year old wielding a new can of aerosol hairspray. He was having the time of his life doing the cats fur, much against their will mind you. " I spray cats Mommy!!" "Oh no you don't!" I quickly took the can away and placed it back under my sink. Not even two minutes later I hear "Andsome hair. Gady has pretty hair." And then it happened. He sprayed the hairspray directly into his ear. Not just once mind you, three times! He was laughing initially but as the hairspray began to dry he did not like the feeling. "OUT MOMMY! SPRAY OUT!!!" With my quick and speedy super Mom capabilities I tried to wipe up the residue with a wet Q-tip. This did not appease the young hair designer as the water began to drip down his ear canal. Screams and tears ensued as I tried to do more damage control. I have no idea the effects of hairspray on the ear canal and ear drum. Guess it will be another reason he doesn't hear, or should I say listen, to me. All I can hope foe is that he learned his lesson. But somehow I highly doubt it.

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