Tuesday, September 04, 2007

school glorious school

Yeah! The glorious day has finally arrived! School! Drake was so excited this morning he was incessantly watching the clock. It got to be a little much when he would announce the time every minute. I started having him do chores to pass the time but that quickly brought on complaining...shocking. So I whipped out my handy dandy camera and did the traditional "back to school" photos. Every year since he has been in school I have taken his picture in front of a bush in the front of the house. When I tried this morning, we were both assaulted by a menacing swarm of killer mosquitoes. I kid you not, they were out for blood. We stepped of our front step and were immediately surrounded and overtaken. We were both lucky to get out of there alive! So I had to settle for him sitting on the steps inside. Guess I will have to take pictures in the front at a later date and pretend they were the first day of school. Who will know?
It was also Grady's first day at pre-school. He was initially excited when he woke up. He told me he was going to "big boy school". This facade quickly faded when he realized he had to wear clothes to big boy school. This led to a 20-minute tantrum/ wrestling match to get him dressed and ready. It is sad to think that two grown adults cannot get a two year old dressed. I almost opted to send him in just a diaper, but since it was his first day I wanted to make somewhat of a good impression on his teacher. He also refused to eat breakfast, put his shoes on and get in the car seat. The only thing he agreed to was carrying his backpack and then he didn't want to take it off! As you can see, there are no pictures of his first day. I can't say I particularly want to scrapbook a page of him screaming bloody murder as he was ripped from my leg. Guess I will have to fake his first day too. What is the world of motherhood coming too???


jes said...

And to think my only complaining was whe it was time to do her hair. Drake looks so big. Can't wait to hear all about Grady's school adventures

JCR said...

Those are great pictures! I love the one on the bus.

Tato has also started saying "I can't hear you." Charming. This morning he added "BORING" to his favorite things to say to me.

irishkat said...

Ooooo, the "boring" would send me over the edge. guess I have that to look forward to in the next year!