Saturday, September 29, 2007

one stone at a time

This looming mound of stone was what awaited us at 7am this morning. An innocent looking two ton rock pile was about to make me her slave. This was, of course, one of John's "great" plans. We would remove all the mulch from the flower beds around our house and add rock. Sounded easy enough, till we got started. We spent last weekend raking out the mulch, trimming the bushes back and my favorite....weeding.Truth be told, I hate weeding. Weeds taunt me all summer long, because quite frankly, I usually ignore them. One summer when my BFF was visiting to help after Grady was born she took on the task of weeding my flower beds. This was, and still is something, for some reason only known to God, she likes to. Well, since my beds were very, very ignored, some weeds were rather large. She actually pulled her back when she tried to pull an extremely overgrowm weed out of the ground. Luckily a G&T quickly eased her pain. But back to my tormenting pile of rocks. The boys were very excited to help. They each grabbed their shovels and began moving rocks, one stone at a time. We made quite a dent today. Just a little to do tommorow and we should be close to done. Good thing there is a bottle of merlot waiting for me!

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jes said...

Sounds like a fun job. I totally feel your pain after moving 5 trees of mulch ;ast summer. It seems that no matter how many sholves you move, the pile never gets any smaller.