Monday, September 24, 2007

passport snafu

The scene: 10:30 pm last evening. I am almost lulled to sleep when my husband asks, “Do you know where you passport is?”
Me: Yes, it is in my file folder on the desk
Him: Good. Is it still good?
Me: I would think so…damn I don’t know.
Him: Are you getting up to check?
Me: Are you serious???
Him: Yeah. How do you plan to go on our trip? I will go without you by the way.
Me: Oh no you wouldn’t!
Him: Oh yes I would, now go check.
Me: cursing under my breath as I voyage down the stairs, stumbling over a matchbox car…ouch! More cursing directed at children who don’t put their toys away.....grumble, grumble….can’t believe he is making me check this…cursing…found it! “Oh shit!!!”
Him: What? Oh, let me guess, it has expired?
Me; Yes! And wipe that smirk off your face. You know I will be up all night worrying now. Thanks a lot!!!
Him: Anytime! You will need to take care if that tomorrow.
Me: Really?!? I had no idea.
Him: And don’t be cheap, you had better get that expedited as soon as you can!

Within minutes I hear him snoring loudly, satisfied he has caused me much angst and a sleepless night. All the while I lay there contemplating whether the US Government will process my passport in time for my trip, which is less then a month away and snarling at this deep breathing bear besides me. I hate when he is right!! Maybe if I send cookies or sweets in my envelope they will process it quicker. OR better yet, I will send an exasperated picture of me and the boys and they will instantly pity me and see I need a holiday away from the demonic duo. Please direct all happy mojo and thoughts towards Philadelphia where they will be processing my forms.


The Grocer said...

Did he really use the word expedited after 10.30pm, what a show off.

irishkat said...

Yes he did!!! It even urked me more... the nerve. I have now spent the greater part of this morning trying to resolve this predicament I have gotten myself into. Hummpf!

jes said...

Good Luck with this! My best positive thoughs are with you!