Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more ramblings of a seven year old

Since I am single mommin' it this week, I succumbed to the temptation, and fervent pleas, to go through the McDonald's drive through last night. Here is what transpired:
2 year old - Momma, fries pease.
Me: Ok, but be careful they are very hot. (I love when we get a fresh piping hot batch!)
2y/o: Hotty hot?
Me: Yep, hotty hot hot.
7 year old: But not hot like sexy hot right?
Me: No, not hot like....what did you just say?!?
7 y/o: Hot like sexy hot.
Me: How do you know what that is?
7 y/o: I hear things... you know... like conversations. (said so nonchalant and with a touch of know it all)
Me: Hmmmm. Well unlearn that ok?
7 y/o: (giggles) Oh kay Mom (said with an exasperated sigh like a teenager...geez I hate that!!)


jes said...

What do you and John talk about? I can't believe his baby ears are picking these things up :)

JCR said...

Totally laughing out loud right now!

The Grocer said...

If your boys are anything like my son they hear everything, miss nothing except that which invloves them doing the things they don't want to.