Thursday, September 13, 2007

I think I noticed this on our front door this morning

Since I have been back at work there has been a significant decline in the state of our internal affairs. Typically, when I am trying to run out the door by 6:40am I tend to disregard (or completely ignore) the level of cleanliness of our humble abode. But as I was making the mad dash this morning I shuttered at the large glaring words on my wall calendar.... babysitter - 6:15pm. Oh crap!!! We have a sitter coming tonight?? A quick glance around the downstairs proved to be one of the scariest moments in my week. Four loads of laundry were piled on two of the three couches, one load is still in the dryer, Grady's pop-up train tent was in the middle of the kitchen (he had to stop and get gas), the toy room had a near fatal nuclear explosion with the ramifications spilling out into the dining room and entryway and I won't even begin to try and describe the condition of the kitchen table, let alone my desk (is it even still there??). I shared the troubling news with my husband and gave him a plea for mercy, “Could you please start picking up??” I think I may have even promised certain favors if I walked into a clean house after work, but I am not positive. I can always plead insanity when the collections are due. So all I can do now is try and not think about it, wish for the best and hope my hazmat suit comes in today. Thank goodness I look good in orange!

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jes said...

perhaps I should stop by now that it is clean :)