Tuesday, September 18, 2007

picture perfect, at least in this one

This is one of my latest pictures of the boys. When our photographer showed it to me I instantly fell in love and HAD to have it. I have yet to disclose to my husband how much it cost but he of course has not asked. Probably a very smart thing for him. It really captures each of them so well even if they don't always get along. It also serves as a reminder to me that even under their rough and tough exteriors (very, very far under some days) there dwells gentle and kind souls. I am also aware that I do not have much more time to do these "cutesy" pictures with both of them. Drake is running down the road of boyhood and Grady,..... well he is just plain running! I may be able to squeeze a few more of these out of them before my pleas will be met with rolling eyes and deep throated sighs. So for now I will bask in the simplicity of the boys in this picture, if there is such a thing.


JCR said...

Wow, what an amazing picture!! That is by far one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen.

jes said...

I am soooo having my dad do this for me with the girls :)

irishkat said...

I hope so jes! That was my secret plan...I would love to see your Dad make a picture better then mine. damn him for being so good :)