Tuesday, September 11, 2007

strategically placed motorcycle

As I ventured off to pre-school this morning with Grady I got behind a very slow moving motorcycle. Now, I am a girl who likes to drive on the faster end of the spectrum and no matter what time I leave in the morning I always feel rushed. So here I am, trudging along a country road, full of cornfields and maybe a handful of houses, at barely 40 mph. This is literally driving me to gouge my eyes out!!! I begin plotting my revenge on the cyclist before me and wonder how in tarnation he can drive so slow on a country road with no traffic or small children playing on the wayside. Most of this road is also doubled lined, damn the city, so passing is limited to a tiny stretch on a downhill. As we crested the hill I was full of glee that soon I would be able to pass this lackadaisical driver and leave him in my dust. This is when I noticed, in the distance, the glint of the morning sun bouncing off a car parked on the side of the road. Hmmm, odd place for a car. After a quick moment of contemplation I abandon passing the motorcycle. Whew! Because lo and behold, the glint was bouncing off a police car, damn the city again! How sneaky to put a car on a road full of temptation to speed! Needless to say I was sending my driving angel many prayers of thanks for deterring me from a ticket. Now I guess I will have to be a little more careful on that road, at least when I am cresting that hill!!

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jes said...

oh how lucky you are!