Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flashback Sunday

I have been hit with two major flashbacks today. First of which is my beloved Dead Milkmen. I have heard this song twice in the past week so I am sharing it's high quality lyrics and animation with you. Besides, what is not to love about the Dead Milkmen?? The other flashback I had in church this morning. While I was sitting waiting for church to start I was suddenly overtaken by the smell of Love's Baby Soft. Now I know that totally ages me as everey girls reading this remembers this as her first perfume, or at least in my junior high. I think every girl in my sixth grade class wore this everyday to school. Our gym locker room had this hovering mist after every gym class. I don't think I have smelled it since the 80's and suddenly..... there it was. I was unable to located it's origin, but I recognized it just the same. I am hoping it was a young tween and not some grown woman trying to recapture her youth.

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Jonathon Morgan said...

I love random little flashbacks like that. We've been cleaning out the house for a big move, so life seems full of these little discoveries lately.