Monday, September 10, 2007

la la land

I have been procrastinating introducing Grady to sing along music for a long long time. I still have nightmares induced by the many sing along tapes Drake had as a toddler. And honestly, who wants to spend the day with a hum job from the Wiggles? I was ok with the Laurie Berkner songs G's sitter got him addicted too but was not willing to voyage too far past that. Until he was screaming incessantly the other morning and I was ready to fling him from my fast moving vehicle, car seat and all. I scrounged around in my glove box and found a Baby Genius CD from many years ago. The fact that it had been moved into my car from my last one still has me baffled. Needless to say Grady now chants "monkey song! monkey song!" as soon as we get in the car. His song of choice you query? Why it is none other then "Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed". He particularly likes when the doctor yells at the monkeys to stop jumping on the bed and has the finger scold to go with it. Thankfully my drive is only ten minutes to preschool, which means I only have to listen to the song two times before we get there. Unlike when Drake was his age and drove the whole 35 minute commute with me, singing those songs over and over and over till I went mad I tell you! Mad!! I guess I can suck it up and handle ten minutes here and there and pray we don't have any road trips in our near future!

PS: Blogger is being pissy once again and won't let me upload my cute monkey picture.....Grrrrrr!!!
PSx2: Ok, after several attempts I finally got it to work, or Blogger's coffee finally set in, the choice is yours.


jes said...

Funny, Abby doesn't have too many kid song cds in my car either. Yet Bridget sure did. My how kid number 2 gets screwed

jen said...

"The Farmer in the Dell" is the sing a long song my girls are holding on to. I hear "Farmer, Farmer" chanted from behind me until the CD player is turned on & I get to hear the wonderful words from my speakers...unfortunately the song is only 1 min and 44 seconds long. Even the short trips feel long!