Wednesday, September 05, 2007

counting down to paradise

I have officially begun to countdown for a trip I am taking in October. I know it sounds a bit childish, but it is the first time my husband and I have been away without the kids in seven years. Sad, I know. How we have survived and stayed married this long is still up for grabs with that extensive length of time without a break from the kids. So after a lot of begging, pleading and assuring her that her golf and ski schedule would not be compromised AND offering to buy my mother's plane ticket, she agreed to come. I also threw in the fact that both boys would be in school so there wasn't really THAT much for her to do. A little lie to get what you want never hurt anyone! (at least that is my story and I am sticking to it) So the grandmother is coming to watch the brood for 6 days. During those six days I will be planting my white butt in the sands of Punta Cana. We opted for the all-inclusive deal so the beverages will be flowing. Hey, I am Irish and it is noon somewhere, right?! I am also fantasizing about the opportunity to sleep past 6am for five days in a row, napping every afternoon and going out every night. I am also wondering if, in my older age, I will be able to keep up with my lifestyle of days past. On the flip side I have also already begun to worry about the boys, the dog, will they actually make it to school, will she traumatize them the way she traumatized me, will Grady not like her, will she complain every time I call to check in, the possibilities are endless. My husband says we leave, actually run, and hope for the best. My thought is that I should start praying now.


jes said...

ENJOY! I say what happens while you are not there is nothing to know about. I'm sure they will both be alive when you get back, so other than that don't worry.

JCR said...

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I hope all goes well on the home front!

Thanks so much for the new blog link! And also for GoodyBlog. I've added both to my Favorites.